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I just quietly lurk until I can boost one of our resident mensches

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@lisapretzel @ThomasWic I love dark humor, especially British.

One of my favorite Hitchcock Presents episodes is where the wife hits the husband over the head with a leg of lamb and then cooks it and serves it to the cops thus successfully destroying the murder weapon. 😂

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To me, no one has created suspense like Hitchcock.
He said one time that it's often more important what you DON'T show than what you DO.
Because the mind/imagination is a powerful tool.

He was a master.

@umad80 @ThomasWic

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Nope, nope, nope.

At my school, kids can’t even have Tylenol on them. If they need an aspirin, they have to go to the nurse and there needs to be parental written consent on file.

If a science teacher wants to take the kids across the street to observe streams and wildlife, parents have to sign a field trip form bc they’re going off campus.

I hope that California school system Is ready for the law suits.

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@ThomasWic @DuaneCates

I believe Trump is waiting for the right time to use his authority to suppress insurrections.

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@Alex_Graham @DuaneCates

Antifa could be designated a terrorist group, such as the Earth Liberation Front.

But designating them insurrectionists makes them lose virtually all their rights.

And the feds can bring in military assets.

These folks wanted a fight.

Beware what you wish for. You just might get it.

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We WANT them to do that.

It makes the average voter support deporting them.

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Now that the legal hurdle has been cleared, watch the 'sanctuary cities' get crushed by the withholding of FEDERAL FUNDS. It's a comin' ...

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Oh man.

Carter Page knows EVERYTHING that happened.

I love his cover as a guy on the spectrum, who knows nothing. It fooled Putin's guys, who said he was an idiot.

It ALSO fooled Obama's thugs, who thought Page was a simpleton and easy target.

Turns out they were wrong. Big time

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She should run.

Let her work her magic on leftwing politics the way she impacted the ratings for women's soccer.

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Thread by @RoscoeBDavis1: "You want to fully understand the insanity of the socialist liberal democrats? The avg federal assistance given to $3784 per month. The avg Social Security check to US citizens is &1280 per month. Think about that for a […]"

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I'm wondering if Mueller was playing along and this is how far he could take the Special Counsel Investigation? 🤔

Now people are spewing hate on Mueller, I'm not sure if Mueller's role is what the people think he is. To me it seems like his special counsel was to entrap these crooked investigators and let them do their dubious stuff. All of that will undoubtedly get captured in one form or another through legal filings they make.

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9th Circuit Court sides with the Trump administration in title X funds for abortion. It rejects pleas from 20 states and District of Columbia.

It's a blow against Planned Parenthood.

I'm noticing on this abortion issue, you could be for legal abortion but be opposed to government involvement, but that position is thinning out because people who are for legal abortion will be forced to take the position for federal government involvement.

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"9th Cir says Trump admin rule diverting family planning money away from clinics that perform (or refer for) abortions - and to clinics that do not - *can* go into effect. Speaker Pelosi calls it "heartbreaking"

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@ThomasWic @Cdubois @vince

and he TIMED it!
TIMED this after they LAUGHED & said "it's too late for this census! (technically, yes)

Gamed the living F**K outta them.

Just give up, Satan-ites.

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The men move, and speak, as a well oiled machine. They are, clearly, a TEAM.

Rapinoe has USED the team as a VEHICLE for HERSELF.

Core difference.
They're done.

@karnage @REX @ThomasWic

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And another Judicial nominee goes through, this for the 9th circuit court.

Democrats floundering very badly in opposing this.

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BOOM : they get a T1 FISA on Gen Flynn.

Same slimeballs as always are behind it, in particular David Laufman, who to me seems a total crook.

Appalling, disgusting, criminal behavior. Shameful.

I thoroughly despise Obama and his corrupt circle of losers, degenerates, sycophants and crooks. Jail them all.

Throw away the damned key.

And let's have some justice at last, for General Flynn!

More here:

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@ThomasWic It's related RIGHT IN EPSTEIN'S INDICTMENT that the hires private detectives - many of whom I'm sure are actually functioning as private enforcers - to intimidate potential witnesses.

One event where just such a hired enforcer forced the father of a witness off the road with his car is related in the indictment.

So yeah - this guy WILL come after you.

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You know, this reparations bullshit is sounding very similar to the way comfort women issue is handled by leftist in South Korea.

Just needlessly drag out a historical issue and shame anybody opposing you. Wreck the now and the future over the past.

Why did the Democrats reject the 40 acres and a mule arrangement right after the civil war? 🤔

So much bullshit.

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