I've got a friend IRL who is very bright but lacks vision.

He loves Trump but doesn't understand why he does some of the things he does until the rest of the public does.

Often he'll say something hurts Trump or makes him look bad, or that he needs to focus on his accomplishments instead of stirring the pot on Twitter.

Every time. Every. Single. Time. Every time he will end up retracting his statement once he sees the cause and effect scenario that unfolds and gives Trump his win and embarrasses the other side.

Most recently is Roger Stone. He thought Trump caused a mess by not simply pardoning him, then took it back when word spread about the tainted jurors in Stone's trial.

Without the drama, that fact would have been swept under the rug. Trump brought light to it by cause and effect, like most everything.


Trump knows how get the results he wants.

And it doesn't stop at just getting people out of trouble. It's about restoring fairness to the justice system.

The only way to fix it is by exposing the ugly truth to the public. And the media never fails to not pick up on that nuance, and continue broadcasting his every move and word.

He's created a system where his enemies do his work for him. A siege engine against Democrat strongholds powered by their own negative energy.

Unfortunately not everyone can understand or appreciate the novelty and brilliance of it.

But I do, just like all of you. The ups and downs of my personal life aside, the greatest thing is that I'm here to bear witness to a reformation the likes this world has not seen before.

All thanks to Donald Trump, the most unexpected person to usher it, which fits perfectly with his methods.


Well stated.

I tried explaining some things about Trump to my Dr today. He’s obviously a bright man but blind to what’s happening politically. And blind to fake news. He thinks Obama was a moderate. He couldn’t say enough good about obama and enough bad about Trump. Made me feel like vomiting.

@CecilScribe I liken Trump's approach to an offensive lineman in football taking an aggressive defender "where he wants to go." Just push in the direction his momentum is taking them and you've easily moved him out of the way. And this is infinitely repeatable until the defender adjusts his tactics and learns not to over-pursue.

The media can't learn, so Trump is destroying them, making CNN into a waste of everyone's time as they endlessly report the "news" of Trump's latest poop joke. Lol


Yes, what Trump is doing has no precedent.

He is changing our politics, and changing the way we see the world, even as he works with us to reclaim our nation.

The Left is destroying itself as its decline accelerates. They cannot stop their own collapse, and have driven themselves mad.

An extraordinary time to live.

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