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Canis: Unrest Amid a Sea of Stars is an outer space odyssey written by a conservative for conservatives. Set in a dystopian welfare state where everything from news to religion is regulated and true capitalism is outlawed as nonconformity. The second order effects of big governance and progressivism spark a series of events that could change the galaxy forever.

Free to you all to read on Wattpad, for now. Though I'll probably take it down soon.

Schultz wouldn't have won either. She was a screw up in Hogan's administration who was reassigned to save face. And she ran on being the successor to his policies which fizzled out after his first term.

I voted for the guy who campaigned just by saying he wanted to cut the sales tax and make life a little easier for everyone. It made sense. Saving $2 out of every hundred you spend at the store helps in a state that has some of the highest taxes in the country.

That's how Maryland lost this past election. Republicans have an uphill battle because the state is more than 50% Democrat. Conservative idealism doesn't win where the majority has a different philosophy. That means you have to appeal to the swing voters.

Instead, they pushed a delegate from the General Asylum with no record because he bussed people to the capital on Jan 06 and rode the left's hate wave to appeal to Trump supporters.

Cox could never win Maryland and they wouldn't listen.

What upset me politically used to be the irrationally, insane zeal and absolute selfish pigheadedness of the left.

It still does. But in the last couple of years it's been added to by the horseshoe Republicans. The "red equivalent of the pussy-hats". The ones who are matching the left's energy and sabotaging the Republican success in the name of purity.

I support primarying bad actors but setting yourselves up for a loss because you won't accept there are places your ideas don't work is stupid

So yeah, I'm not in the best of sorts right now. I blame Bidenflation for a lot because quite a bit of my extra purchasing went into food and gas when u was between jobs.

Life kinda sucks right now. My wife and I are separated and I can no longer afford to live on my own, so I had to move back in with my parents to start saving money and taking care of my debt

Then he says that the United Nations will help Ukraine.

My response, "where are they? They've had this long to send Nato in and they haven't."

Nothing to answer.

Then he says US intervention and again I'm replying, "then why haven't they yet, beyond sending some weapons and supplies?"

Still nothing.

I say very politely that while putting flags on your Facebook posts is the cool thing to do, no one really wants to help them. If Ukraine loses the world will move on to the next lip service.

The rage at Elon Musk polling an opinion is interesting. It reminds me of a talk I had with my brother-in-law when he said Ukraine's focus should be on saving as many lives as possible. But he wants Putin to lose.

I told him if saving lives was the bottom line, the most effective method would be surrender. Because in that mindset, submission reduces deaths.

He got mad and I explained that history shows freedom and independence have a blood price. Told him to pick one, salvation or sovereignty

Some news on my book. Canis: Unrest Amid a Sea of Stars is now available in paperback and hardcover on Amazon.

Also I remade the cover and it looks ten times better.

A somewhat intoxicated doodle of what Velan, the primary antagonist of my book, Canis: Unrest Amid a Sea of Stars looks like in my head.

The alien race called Eindruji(ine-dru-hee) are about seven foot tall, lithe skeletal framed, covered with natural chitin armor, and extremely strong and agile while being vicious in ideology and decorum.

Vegan is a zealot even among his people. He is a force to be reckoned with

Finally got around to self-publishing my science fiction novel. At its core it is a story of conservatism as a counterculture movement in a distant future society where socialism and decadent liberal culture dominates.

I've worked on this book for the last five years and finally getting it done and posted has me psyched.

Canis: Unrest Amid a Sea of Stars

So as of now I am no longer a produce manager. My wife and I decided we had enough money to get by on the search for a new job and so I told my employers that I had enough of their viewpoint bias, favoritism and discriminatory behavior.

In the interim I also became a contributing writer for sportskeeda.

Them: "Say no to vaccine passports. We need voter ID."

Me: "The vaccine passport probably will be a voter ID."


My future mother in law snapped a picture of Des and I when we were taking a nap over at her home. Flash got my eyes and I look drunk. lol

Strongly considering making a jump out of the retail world and finding another job. With the baby coming and my significant other plagued by severe morning sickness, I need to find a better source of income, and hopefully one that is less stressful. The market for labor is empty and the quality of help is suffering.

Ideally, I would like to put my writing ability to good use. But so far I've never found the right opportunity to break into that field and have only written free articles.

A first glimpse at my child. The little one's got a strong heartbeat for 8 weeks.

But it's impossible to avoid the gaslighters. I can turn off the news, my phone, and not look at the paper, but somehow they still get through.

Coworkers who are Democrats effectively remind me every chance they get that Trump isn't in the White House anymore.

I tell them I'll ask if they're still happy about it when their taxes go up.

QuodVerum always provides me with a much needed sanity check when I look in.

I've been trying to have a hiatus from politics and focus on my own stuff.

My girlfriend accepted my marriage proposal and we found out last week that we're going to have a baby. It's expected to be born at the end of February.

So I've been spending a lot of time at work because I want to get the money together for a down payment on a house. Two plus a baby in a one bedroom apartment won't be very comfortable.

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