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Canis: Unrest Amid a Sea of Stars is an outer space odyssey written by a conservative for conservatives. Set in a dystopian welfare state where everything from news to religion is regulated and true capitalism is outlawed as nonconformity. The second order effects of big governance and progressivism spark a series of events that could change the galaxy forever.

Free to you all to read on Wattpad, for now. Though I'll probably take it down soon.

Part of me has always believed that all elections are rigged to a degree. The beauty of our electoral college and the chagrin of the ones who would be fixing outcomes is that it makes it impossible to control every variable.

In 2016 I believe the rigging failed because they underestimated the support Trump would receive. Flipping PA red for instance turned heads.

I don't believe Clinton got the popular vote either, especially when Republicans were taking every election under Obama admin.

That's my worry about 2024.

In the primary you can support whoever you want. May the best candidate win.

But if a fraction of the GOP doesn't turn out for the nominee, be it Trump, DeSantis, Haley, or what (more than likely going to be Trump), we won't need to worry about the Dems rigging another election we just won't have the numbers.

Last year in Maryland shook my confidence in that some. Primaries, I think, are where you see parties at their worst. Everyone at each other's throats wanting to win.

Dan Cox, Robin Ficker, and Kelly Schultz were the contenders for the nomination for governor, and I saw friends divided and fighting viciously over Cox and Schultz (while I was on Ficker's side) and stating they would never vote for the other candidate.

Cox won out but most of the Schultz voters didn't fall in. Moore won.

However, I learned from 2020 not to be overconfident in a pending result. We all thought uncompromisingly that we had it in the bag and underestimated the level of underhanded the left would resort to.

For 2024, I am going to be cautiously optimistic. And right now my biggest concern is whether or not the various factions of the GOP political and voter base will be able to recognize the importance of taking back the senate and getting Biden/Kamala out of office.

The biggest mistake the Democrats are making is their absolute desperation to make Trump go away before the election. The more they stir the pot, the more they are aggravating and motivating people towards him.

Every time a new charge hits his numbers and donations go up. The best proven method to make someone you don't like disappear is to ignore them.

The polarizing effect of persecution is clear for all to see. Democrats are behaving like we're the Banana Republic rather than the USA.

2am having to argue with my drunken and toxic as hell aunt about my mom's funeral.

Small backstory to explain. I was adopted by my birth mother's grandparents, meaning that my aunt is actually her oldest daughter. My birth mother was the youngest daughter.

So before my mom is even buried my aunt is getting drunk and blowing up my phone to throw shade on my dad for things that are out of his control while also trying to argue about what stuff left behind she's entitled to take.

I always felt like I was the one she was hardest on, but my dad always said she expected more of me. I can appreciate the vote of confidence from that.

She didn't like my wife very much, and that caused some tension. In retrospect, I should have listened. Mother's really do have a way of knowing.

Also, it was a little weird not having a picture on it of her, but she had this thing where she did not like being photographed and was 100% against any of it being put online. So, out of respect to her wishes, we published the Obit without one.

She was a beautiful woman, though. Long fiery red hair. Very small lady but had a strong personality. A force to be reckoned with, I always told her, which would make her laugh.

Only person I know as strong-willed is me and we butted heads a lot for it

Well aware death comes for us all, but honestly I didn't thinking my mother's obituary was something I'd ever have to do.

It's been a rough month.

Wife and I have been separated for awhile and decided It's just not going to work out, so I'll be filing for divorce when I'm able (financial situation still jacked enough I can't afford the fee yet)

My grandmother passed on the 11th, day after my 34th birthday.

Then just three days ago my mom dies too and it's got me and my family reeling.

Gotta love life. One boot in the ass after another.

Open enrollment at work and looking at health insurance plans.

$45 a week for a PPO with a $5 surcharge for being a being a user of nicotine products.

Work describes it as being part of the ACA.

Another year I'll be going uninsured because money is too tight and these prices are bullshit.

Sometimes, I wonder if I'm cursed or that God just doesn't like me.

Gonna have to change banks now because Truist processed a charge that I put a delay on and overdrafted my checking account by almost $220, even though I have overdraft coverage turned off.

I get on the horn with them and they say it's a $36 fee to stop the charge-for a charge that should have not happened or at worst been declined so I could pay it on pay day.

I begrudgingly accept that charge, and they just left me hanging.

The funnier bit being that every corporate supervisor I've spoken to has no idea who he is and tell me to keep up the good work.

Dude was like, "fuck you man! I know corporate. I'm reporting you because this is harassment. I'm in here every day."

I was like, "for what? Doing my job?" and laughed at him.

Got threatened at work today by a frequent customer who doesn't like the store's policy for carding.

It's very clearly stated that Royal Farms takes the policy a step further than state laws and we are required to card anyone appearing under the age of 40, and they must show their ID every time they purchase.

But there's one clown who throws a fit at anyone who asks for his ID and this morning I dealt with his blowup.

One of these days, life will get easier. That's what I keep telling myself.

Got enrolled in a debt relief program to get my payments down, things start looking up, then back to back I get hit with my registration renewal and my car not starting because the battery decided to die.

Can't make this shit up.

So that translates to about $20 a day in gas while Sheetz which is local is hiring supervisors for $19/hr and is so close to my in-laws I could almost walk.

Creditors aren't fond of FDR's plan though and one of them has been buzzing my phone several times a day.

Move will probably happen in the next month so I've got that amount of time to save up my paychecks from Royal Farms and start putting in job applications around there.

Rofo though is trying to talk me into transferring to their one store in Hagerstown and are willing to see if my assistant store leader position is open. But the kick there is that it's an hour drive one way for $19.50/hr.

Life update.

After reading a lot of reviews and testimonials I signed on with Freedom Debt Relief and in following their plan, what I will be paying a month is basically cut in half which will give me some breathing room.

Decided I will be moving permanently to Cumberland because of proximity to my wife's family and they're willing to let us stay three months while we get stable and find a place of our own. Rent is very cheap in that area of Maryland and everything is pretty close together.

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