@Cdubois I'm just floored by this. How did they suspect that he might have been starting these fires to begin with? Had to have enough evidence to warrant placing tracker on his car.


They had to have witnessed some type of suspicious activity.

That's all I can figure out.

Sarcastic me says, surely he couldn't be behind forest arson, just like the land management candidate didn't put spikes in trees to kill loggers.

What is disturbing to me is their disregard for life for their "cause" In some ways, these are guerrilla tactics, yet they go and drink their chardonnay and believe they are saving the world...


It is a bizarre, twisted way of thinking.

One I will never understand.

I wonder if there was ever any communication between him and the new Bureau of Land Management Director?

What a scumbag! He should go to prison and never see the light of day again!!! 😡

@Cdubois From an article I found, after he was arrested and booked into the jail, the professor "became enraged and began kicking the jail cell door."

"I'm going to kill you, f---- pig!" he screamed, according to court documents. "I told those f---- I didn't start any of those fires!" Sounds a tiny bit unhinged 🤣😂

@JennyL @Cdubois
If it was a total lark he was at every point of origin and he's innocent? He needs to be picking my lotto numbers.



The enemies walk among us. And many teach our children.

Unfortunately, the need to keep attentive on cleaning house.


Yes. And I pray nightly for my intuitive sense ... and that I will always hear, and follow.
Because what seems logical at first glance is not always accurate.

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