"Mr. Chip" by Cody Shugart

A lot of people like this picture. So I wanted to take a minute to tell the story. Milton West was my childhood next door neighbor. I knew him as Mr. Chip. He retired from DOW chemical as an operator. He has always been there for me since I was two years old. Growing up without a father was always difficult for me. But the good lord surrounded me with great men, Mr.Chip was one of them.

He constantly preached the value of an education, taught me how to take care of a yard, he taught me to see people for who they are not what they look like, he taught me how to treat my mother like a saint and many other life lessons. His contributions to me becoming a good son ,man and father were huge.
I am forever grateful for God putting him in my life.

So this past May my wife and I had a little boy named Bob Wayne Shugart. When Mr. Chip and his wife Shirley saw him they fell in love with him. They babysit him sometimes and we go and visit when we can. The last time we were over there Mr. Chip said he wants to be called “POP”. He says that’s his grandson. So we had to come up with a name for his wife. We decided on Lolli!!!!


So we tell Bob Wayne we are going to see Lolli Pop!!! I’m grateful that Lolli and Pop will be apart of my sons life. If he learns half the things from Mr . Chip as I did he will become a great son, man and father.
Everyday I read something negative and how race relations are worse than ever. I disagree and I hope this is a positive loving message to many people.
This is just one story in little ol Victoria, Texas. I m sure there are millions of similar stories across the United States. /END


Looks to me that you did one Helluva job telling the world just what is real and happening day-to-day in average American life.

You just back-handed every lyin', exaggerated MSM report spewing forth the cancel this and cancel that; racist this and racist that.

The majority report is NOT known to all mankind; but you just did your job reminding everyone that there is truth out there every single day of our lives.

Wonderful !

Wonderful story and so true ! If your a good human you love and respect good humans -


Beautiful inspiring story being recorded for history on QV. 🙏


I just adored this story. Heartwarming!!!

Thank you

@Cdubois This is the way things are supposed to be in this world. Take away the politicians who divide us to benefit themselves and this would be our beautiful world. Thank you for sharing.

@Cdubois tears ... I love this story. My son is growing up without a father . I wish we had someone like him.

@Cdubois great story! What a blessing for all the wonderful souls in this story!love is truly colorblind!


Great story. Kids need to get to know older people to learn life's lessons.

On a side note, are you familiar with Edna, Texas?


Edna is a small town east of Victoria, which is why I thought you might know it. My family spent about 5 years there in the early 50s. Great place to grow up and I have wonderful memories of it.


Cody Shugart is the young man who wrote the story, and I'll bet he knows Edna!!


He probably does. Maybe even looks down his nose at it. LOL

Loved his story.


He doesn't sound like the kind of guy who would look down his nose.
I think Mr. Chip taught him well!! ❤


OK, I take it back. You're probably right. Thank you, Mr. Chip.

@jannadale @Cdubois

I worked on a construction job in Edna in the mid 70's. Nice little town as I recall.

@Lonestar @Cdubois

I haven't been back since we moved away, I guess in about '56 or so. My Dad was a gospel preacher so we relocated several times...always in Texas.

@Lonestar @Cdubois

You're probably right. Sigh. But it'll always be the same in my memories!

@Lonestar And thank you for pointing to Foxes and Fossils work over the weekend.


Beautiful life lived in community. Am otherwise wordless.

Thanks, C, for share.


What a beautiful, beautiful story. How very blessed you were and now your own son. The picture of you and Mr. Chip is fabulous! Thank you for sharing this. This will stay with me. It was that powerful. ❤️🙏🏻

Tell Mr. Chip God bless, from all of us here on QV. Lollipop too. 🙏🏻😊


Thank you, Pamela.
It's Cody Shugart's story, and my honor to share it.


What a wonderful man. Lolli too.
I’m gobsmacked with the beauty of it. A welcome and much needed story during these trying times.
Cody Shugart .... I’m certain god knows him. 🙏🏻❤️

@Cdubois Tears my darling. This is true love and it comes in all colors and sizes. Yes, families are born but sometimes the most important kind of family is the one that is made. Stitched together with care. Big hugs!


Ppl out there are trying to push a different narrative. One that says USA is raccisst. They want to divide us by any means necessary. It’s not working. If anything it’s having the opposite effect. I’ve been noticing small acts of kindness between ppl of all color & ppl are helping one another even IF in small ways. I’ve personally had many black women fawning over my 2y/o son in public places. Evil will lose this battle. Good is out there. Ppl just have to open their eyes to see it.

@Cdubois Beautiful! This to me illustrates true human nature way more than the chaos happening on the streets over the past two years. We didn't survive hundreds of thousands of years of evolution without stories like this. Human nature is to care about one another - most of the time 😉 .

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