The houses are icing on the cake. He's a calculating asshole who bails ONLY when the coffers are full enough to satisfy him.
He walks with at least 3 million every time.

@FramingDeity @wziminer

@watspn1013 @Cdubois @FramingDeity @wziminer

Legally, Here are a few things he can do...

He can purchase gifts with it (as long as it isn't "family"), He can use it on a future campaign or give it to another persons campaign, He can use it on people who worked on his campaign, or he can donate it to a charity.

Donating it to charity is pretty much known to be a money laundering scheme. They keep operating expenses and pass the rest on, round and round until it is all dolled out.

@watspn1013 @Cdubois @FramingDeity @wziminer

I'll bet he bundles it with other money and starts his own Clinton Foundation. (I mean Sanders Foundation)

@ilumanous @Cdubois @FramingDeity @wziminer

Bernie & his wife are quite good at taking other people’s money and finding ways to keep it for themselves!

Wonder if they need a FOURTH home to their acquisitions? 🤔

@Cdubois @ilumanous @FramingDeity @wziminer

I replied to a tweet that a Bernie gal tweeted just yesterday.

She truly believed Bernie would win the presidency.

I told her he’d bail on her and the rest of the Bernie Bros just as soon as he got enough $$$ or someone offers him another lake house.

Bernie Bros continue to allow the old comrade conjob to con them.

@kbrendell In yiddish, the word is 'schnorrer.' It means selfish beggar. It's not a good thing to be.@Cdubois @ilumanous @FramingDeity

@wziminer @kbrendell @Cdubois @FramingDeity

My best friends Bubbe used to teach us Yiddish. It is a fun language. It reminds me a little of German.

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