Sanders is out and the markets are jumping.

Looks like Wall Street is happy...


The Bern is a pro at getting in the race, playing the long game, building up his coffers, then he moves his campaign coffer $$ to a PAC, drops out, and keeps the money.

He NEVER wants a win. He just likes to grab the spotlight, pee in the pool, and pocket a few mil.


@Cdubois @ilumanous 100%; it has always been his MO. and idiot socialists fall for it every time.



He lived off the government dole and ran until he got into a low level government position; he's ridden it all the way.
He learned there's big money in "running for POTUS," so he decided to do that but never planned to win.
He's what I call "rat smart."

Dirty, oily, and driven only by what he can get for himself.


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