Sanders is out and the markets are jumping.

Looks like Wall Street is happy...



The Bern is a pro at getting in the race, playing the long game, building up his coffers, then he moves his campaign coffer $$ to a PAC, drops out, and keeps the money.

He NEVER wants a win. He just likes to grab the spotlight, pee in the pool, and pocket a few mil.



It has been his life’s work. He has perfected it.


Absolutely. '
He's honed it to an art form.
A very deleterious art form.


I live in a VERY liberal city with a BIG arts community and they all hate Biden. They will probably hold their nose and vote for him, but they will not be happy about it.

I will have to go online and see what they are talking about today, but I will have to spend some time checking my heart over it so that I don’t gloat when I read it. 😳


I get it. I wish they'd hold their noses and vote for Trump.

He's the only one who honestly has their best interest at heart.


Interestingly enough NOT ONE of the people who have been chattering their heads off about politics said anything about Bernie online so far today. I looked on Facebook and on Twitter where these people chat amongst each other continuously.

I thought they would all be rallying around their new leader. 🤔

(I guess I should have spent more time checking my heart, a little malicious, pleasure snuck out. 😶 )


Ha!! That's very interesting.
I have to wonder what those vile Bernie supporters in the Veritas videos are thinking today.


Seriously though... I'll bet they are all waiting for someone else to tell them what to say.


1) Okay... My malicious pleasure has drained from the cold section of my heart.

I have been finally hearing the trickling of chatter from the liberals in my area.

The die hard Democrats are accepting Biden as their Presidential hopeful.

The still delusional ones are saying that they want to force Biden into picking Bernie as VP and making Biden accept their whole platform.

And then there is the average dreamy artist who just wants everyone to love each other and take...


2)... care of one another. A lot of these people believe in God and think that the early church idea of pooling everything and sharing is the utopian model to strive for.

And this might be a noble thought but you don't have to look far into scriptures to see that this ideal started to brake down pretty quickly.

You can't get people to freely give outside of their own small circles without coercion.

These people are the ones we need to pray for and look for opportunities...


3)... to put our arm around them, show them love, and then point them to the truth about what POTUS Trump is trying to do for our country.

I remember last election that many Bernie supporters started listening to Trump for their first time and ended up voting for him.

My heart has always been for the young people on the fringe of society. Most of the young people who call me mom are from that sector.

I for one will...

( I am about ready to talk about God so be aware.)


4) be praying for them to be open to the truth about what is going on in the world politically, but also to encourage them in their beliefs and relationships with God, because every day we are getting closer to the Messiah setting foot on this earth, and we all need to be ready to receive Him.

Those of us on the earth at this time were born for such a time as this.

Lord be with us as you send these people to our doors. May we only speak what we hear You say. May our words be...


5)... received in the manner in which they were intended. Fill us with your Joy, Peace, Love, Goodness, Gentleness, and Faith to overflowing so that we can funnel those precious gifts to these broken young people. And give us an extra helping of patience to perform this mighty work.

We look forward in anticipation to see the miraculous things that You are going to do in your precious children's lives.

May You alone receive all the Glory, Honor and Praise.


@ilumanous I love your prayers; they are beautiful, sincere, and very inclusive. They always give me chills because I can feel the
G-dly energy behind them. You have a gift. @Cdubois

@wziminer @Cdubois

@wziminer @Cdubois

It is easier for me to write prayers than to say them out loud when people are there. I get anxiety when I am speaking publicly.

God does have a sense of humor though and every once in a while I am called on to pray. During those times I am praying two prayers at a time. One praying for God to give me the words to say and the other to not pass out.

And then there is the fact that I always cry when I pray. It sure can make things uncomfortable for all.


So, so beautiful. And I say, AMEN.

Thank you, friend, and God bless you. ❤️

@ilumanous @Cdubois I think just as many will sit it out.

Especially very young Prog voters.

Biden needs every single Bernie voter, every single black voter, and every single hispanic voter.


@Cdubois @ilumanous 100%; it has always been his MO. and idiot socialists fall for it every time.


He lived off the government dole and ran until he got into a low level government position; he's ridden it all the way.
He learned there's big money in "running for POTUS," so he decided to do that but never planned to win.
He's what I call "rat smart."

Dirty, oily, and driven only by what he can get for himself.


@Cdubois @ilumanous i'ma be honest. if there's that many stupid people willing to give me money, i would probably be tempted to run as well.
ocasio cortes will likely take the mantle in the future

@watch4thedrop I agree. It's her style, and now she knows how to get money for nothing. @Cdubois @ilumanous


She does appear to be cut from the same bolt of cloth ... just not sure she has her synapses firing on all cylinders.
However, her HANDLERS will get it done. No question.



To progs, she's more charismatic than Bernie. But her failings are sheer stupidity and being as gaffe prone as Biden.

@watch4thedrop @ilumanous


Very astute observation. It has become his most lucrative job.


@Cdubois @ilumanous stole and put on the bird Its a perfect descriptions of Bernie and unfortunately a good many other candidates

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