2/19 Update on California AB 5 bill:

The admin on our FB group is getting emails from people who are suicidal. They are being audited by the EDD. Her post explains it further:

1. "That's not the only reason why businesses are now getting audited. 1099s will trigger it. The state of CA is investing $21 million for enforcement. It's open season on small businesses. And by the way, I've spoken to people privately who are suicidal because they are being audited right now, as we speak.

2. "They stand to lose EVERYTHING because the state thinks they may have misclassified one or two vendors a couple of years back, even when their business model was set up by their attorneys and they are actually doing nothing wrong. When the EDD goes after you, the fines and penalties are lethal. Fighting it on appeal could bankrupt you. They can take away your home. And that's what is happening right now to a person I spoke to privately yesterday."

3. "And let me say this. They have NO mercy on someone who has a quadriplegic son in the house, for example. They will take away your house, your income and your livelihood."

4. I watched a video of one of our group who went to the Capitol about repealing the AB 5 bill. Not one politician would budge, saying that "Labor wouldn't like it." They also said it was okay if people suffered, it was "for the GREATER GOOD." She said it was scary about how much POWER the unions had.




"The greater good" is nothing more than tyranny of the majority over individual initiative and independence.


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