By Trisha P. Hope:

I'm in Minneapolis, I arrived here Wednesday and attended the rally.

I can tell you a few things first hand.

1. There were 2 porta potties to service the entire skywall line. At some point on Thursday, the porta potties were turned to face a concrete wall so there was NO access to them at all.

2. The skywalk HEAT was turned up making it extremely hot in many parts of the skywalk system.

3. For most of the day, the media was not allowed into the skywalk to speak with the rally goers. It appeared the Mayor wanted to keep the Trump supporters isolated as much as possible. This worked for a short while, but as the lines grew and went outside there was no way to stop the access.

4. After 24 rallies, this was the first time I had to throw my purse in the trash and could not bring it in.

Many said it was a Target Center requirement and there were Target Center folks at the security points so I'm just not sure where the requirement came from.

5. When the protestors began, it was a fairly small group. As the night went on the group grew larger and more violent. They were dangerous. They were not peacefully protesting, they were looking to cause trouble. They threw things at the police, chanted things I will not repeat.


Burned maga hats and other things. They surrounded rally goers cars preventing them from leaving and smashed their windows.

If you are Democrat, this is your party. Don't pretend it isn't. This is what the lawlessness and rule breaking has created. have imploded.

ADDENDUM, from another attendee:
These two Porta-potties were turned to the wall because they were overfull and no longer useable. There were more, about 30 of them a short walk away from these two. Since these were the first people came to they were full quickly. I did not notice if any of the long line of them were handicapped accessible like one of these but I assume so.

Yes, we had to leave the skyway to get to them but only a short walk and there were workers or volunteers that lead groups to show people where to go. There were also posted signs to point the way if you struck out on your own. The walk outside was refreshing since it was an oven in the skyway. Whether from body heat or because the heat was turned up on us I don’t know.

@Cdubois not surprised just disgusted and disappointed, Americans treating each other like this is sad

@Cdubois Well I guess when I finally get to go I’ll need my own Security. Sad! They really ruin the air we breathe.

@Cdubois The demos need to own this violence. Promoting hate and violence.

@Cdubois Dems sending their best. The dim views and no clue crowd.


The chilling thought I had.

EVERYONE exiting that rally was KNOWN to be fully and completely unarmed. Else they couldn't get into the rally.

It bothered me a lot to know that masked/shielded/armed thugs could be waiting for them outside.

@Cdubois Its undeniable!, this is the behavior their leaders ie Maxine Waters etc have summoned them to do!

@Rleenmay the only people they are fooling are their own highly miseducated and severely stupid far-left base.

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