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ANALYSIS: TRUE. Liberals have good reason to ditch Obama’s lousy legacy.

This fissure within the Democratic Party is directly tied to Obama’s legacy. The former president inflamed progressives, empowered and normalized them, but never quite delivered on his lofty promises of change. Even as Obama set the stage for his party’s hard-left shift, he was forced — to his endless frustration — to live within the realities of a representative republic.

Even recently, Obama — just like the progressives running against his legacy — praised Medicare for All as a “good new idea,” despite the fact that its success would mean the repeal of his signature achievement, ObamaCare.

If Obama doesn’t believe in his legacy, why should his ideological progeny cling to it?

The Montagnards always turn on the Girondists, to coin an Instaphrase. But it wasn’t that long ago that Obama, now a Girondist in comparison, was one of the Montagnards.
by Stephen Green



Medicare for all NOT a NEW idea, and it's a TERRIBLE one. Liberals/socialists have been promoting this old saw for decades.

Even now, doctors are hard to find who will take Medicare. My doctor doesn't.

"Medicare for all" is a loaded panacea that will only put government in total control of our healthcare.

THAT is a very dangerous proposition.

@Cdubois @RPL

Medicare For All is a Progressive RAT plan to take control of our lives from birth to death. If not beaten at the ballot box, Progressive Leftists will put all Conservatives in reeducation camps, don't doubt it. Progressive Leftists are wannabe dictators. Yes, it is that dire, IMO.

@Cdubois @RPL When I was driving to karate tonight, I was behind a car who had a ”medicare for all” sticker.

I know I shouldn't be, but I'm actually shocked at seeing people who believe this. You always just assume it's just twitter nobodies. 😒

@umad80 @Cdubois @RPL

They are nobodies....the lights are on but 'nobodies' home.

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