I was thinking about music and I came upon this article from four years ago about Bill Withers walking away from fame.



My daughter is a musician. When she was in fifth grade, they gave the kids music aptitude tests for placement in the school band. Teacher called us in. Michelle was a proper little student, so we wondered why.
The teacher said, "Do you know about Michelle's musical ability? We can't even score her. She's off the chart."
This made her Dad furious because he wanted to be "the one" (long story).
She's been somewhat famous, but she's just about the music. Never about fame.



Thank you, Jack. Michelle's fifty now, and married to a great guy, so she's doing okay. The one I've got my sights on is my granddaughter. She's sixteen, and is broadly recognized for her incredible musical talent (I guess it's the genes). Makes me very nervous. I pray over her every day.

God bless you, friend.


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My granddaughter has an even better voice than her mom did. She just turned twelve. Her home life is a mess. Please keep her in your prayers.

The enemy loves to chew up and spit out those who are gifted.

I will definitely be praying for your granddaughter.


In a conversation one day, with people all around her telling her "what she should do," I pointed out to my granddaughter that,

"If you choose to use your beautiful voice to sing to your babies, that is honoring the gift God gave you. Follow your heart."

Our grand girls will forever be in my prayers.

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