A work of mine from a few years ago ... just wanted to show how I'm feeling about this community.

The piece is titled, ©"Besties."


That's a painting I did. Water color and gouache. 😊

I'm honestly impressed! Only thing i can draw would be a bath!


Awe, thank you so much. I'm feeling the urge to get back to it.

It's none of my business but you should. People with God given talents should use them and share for people to see. I don't know if you're religious or not and that too is none of my business but you have a gift!

I heard a piece on the radio that the Liberals want to do away with friendship in schools because they're saying it's causing too much separation anxiety and clicks and so forth when you have friends see if I can find it


Yes, in some schools children are not "allowed" to have a 'best friend.'

It is beautiful and it expresses a beautiful feeling. I love it.

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