"When you work on any policy issue...the human costs loom large. and we're all contending with the human costs of these developments".

The human costs loom large?

Are you writing fucking poetry on top of tragedy, dipshit Rhodes scholar?

Jakey the Masterdebater is so tone deaf he talks of "human costs" as if their necessity was predetermined and couldn't have been precluded by a modicum of give a fuck + intelligence


@Lisa22 @WatchfulCat @ADudeFromNowhere
It seems to me that she does not think that, although WE get it. I think she thinks she is the smartest person in the room and that we are all stupid. I know Mr Fisted thinks that too about himself. I had to rewatch @ThomasWic video on Dunning Luger to remind myself! youtu.be/GOLPP8ksieQ


@Heshmat-Alavi: "Hi everyone,
Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes. My medical procedures are finalized.

While I feel far better physically, my heart is broken from the unimaginable scenes we are witnessing from Afghanistan.

Please pray for this nation."


And yesterday when I reached out, worried, I found him suffering. He said how much it hurt that everyone fought and died for nothing.

For nothing.

I'm furious. Insanely angry. When will be be America again? When we will stand and be men again? When will our country care for these men who were used as pawns?

For nothing.

They hurt today. And our "leader" stands behind this disaster.

Things must change. Now.

God help us. And God please help our veterans who hurt today.

What precipitated the change? He found out his buddy killed himself that weekend. They survived the horror of war, but did they really? His buddy did not.

Inly then did we learn that my nephew was then the only surviving member of his platoon. All others killed or committed suicide when they got home. For reference, there are 40+ people in a platoon. Mostly babies, 18-20 year olds over there seeing their friends, not go to parties or score a touchdown, but being blown up in front of them.

The follow-up message I received was that he was at the gate and his cell phone battery died. Will keep you posted.

Can The White House just released a transcript of Biden speech rather than us all having to suffer through watching him attempt to deliver it?

Watching Biden try to give a speech only emboldens our enemies further.

Sale, purchase of Afghan currency 'banned' in Pakistan...

"A ban has been imposed on the sale and purchase of Afghan currency in Pakistan after the developing situation in Afghanistan that saw the Taliban taking over the capital city of Kabul, ARY NEWS reported on Monday."

I wonder if Afghanis save money in US currency?


"When I die I want to be buried in Chicago so I can stay active in politics." - Bob Dole

Dear @ThomasWic , your military and strategic insights regarding the middle east are surely missed in these times!

Shabbat Shalom, all. Gonna light my candles soon. See you all on the other side. (Ok, tomorrow, but I always de-computerize on Friday nights. I should do it thru Sundown Saturday, but I am not perfect. Am working on it though. :))

I have the honor of helping a friend create the obituary for a dear friend who lost her husband recently. We talked yesterday. She's dreading it.

He was incredibly accomplished professionally, grew up in an Amish community - broke away from that and spent the rest of his life twinkly and irreverent. When I suggested we work in some of his sparkle, she brightened up.

I've been researching - found this awesome & funny site. I've got to do my own now, too...

@Cdubois I included the Pinterest link at the top of the toot….it’s hard to see.

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