OK i got a new computer about 2 weeks ago and have been busy setting everything up on and I just realized I hadn't logged in here yet lol. I'm back in!


Just sent directly to AG Dreiband a formal citizen complaint, presenting my state's health authorities' discrimination against the disability of all serious COVID patients in the state by interfering with the legal doctor/patient scenario of right to try an FDA approved drug for off label use.


Have you ever stopped to marvel at having been born at this time, in this place?

That's a blessing. To be able to marvel, rather than mourn. There are places where there is nothing to marvel at. And most of history has been not so promising.

Dow Jones at 26,287, won't be long before it surpasses its previous high.


So sad. 😭

But, I can tell you this... to live at 83 after having a severe stroke is a terrible thing. My father has to struggle every day after having a brain aneurysm and it is hard to hear your father say he wants to leave this earth.

He is now making music with the one who created him.

WOW! Just learned legendary superstar Charlie Daniels, 83, has died. @CharlieDaniels was the greatest. A wonderful entertainer, Christian gentleman, servant to our veterans like no other, & humble, kind man despite being multi-talented, successful, and hard working.

@masterblaster @Cdubois

The original torch is now stored in the base of the statue. I took the tour a couple years ago.

@masterblaster @Cdubois

The original torch was illuminated from the inside. The new torch is 24k gold plated copper and illuminated by floodlights from the outside.

@Jaime @JM

The death of President Ronald Reagan in 2004 has no bearing today.

In fact, the status of the flag today is FULL STAFF.

There is no legitimate reason for what you describe.


The view of the Statue of Liberty, as seen from the torch (closed since 1916)


One of the best ads yet. Very powerful and very true. Loved it.


What a marvelous rendition of a wonderful song

G-d bless the United States of America!!! 🇺🇸❤️🙏🏻

@Cdubois @Argentum47

Oh, yeah I forgot they’re also idiots who won’t be protesting on highway anytime soon

@Cdubois @Argentum47

BLM protesters. Blocking road on highway. Driver mowed them down. Seriously injured.


A beautiful and happy couple we have, so blessed we are...💗❤💗🇺🇸

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