"The Withdrawal Agreement has received Royal Assent and is now law. We will leave the EU on January 31st 🇬🇧 "


‪The most poignant song I have ever heard. Never give up, never take for granted that we have but one life, fight for your loved ones and make sure they know how much you love them every day‬

‪https://youtu.be/N0KuZZZjR_M ‬

I thought they weren’t allowed to bring in electronics. Schiff and the Apple Watch lady need to be called out. The rules only apply to “other” people.


This could be the final straw!

How dare they dictate our immigration policies!


One heck of an accomplishment! Can only imagine where SQV will be at the 2 yr mark.

Congratulations! 🥂


Instead of gifts please donate $$$ to this AWESOME site to make sure it keeps going for a very long time.

!! 💕

@Debradelai And a good year it indeed was, in terms of reliable information, interesting insights, and occasionally some good humor as well 🙂 Thanks for all that!

@umad80 @Debradelai

Thanks for the welcome email suggestion. I found mine, I joined January 26th, only a few days late.

Happy birthday to the sanest social media site!
🎂 🥂

Last year we had 12 years left. This year, we have 8 years left. I know it seems like a long year, but I doubt we lost 4 years.

Also, can she named the people who died from 'climate change'?


RT to wish @realDonaldTrump
a happy anniversary!
8:57 AM · Jan 22, 2020

Whistleblower Was Overheard in 2017 Discussing With Colleague-Turned-Schiff Aide How to Remove Trump

Barely 2 weeks after Donald Trump took office, Eric Ciaramella – the CIA analyst whose name was recently linked in a tweet by the president and mentioned by lawmakers as the anonymous “whistleblower" who touched off Trump's impeachment – was overheard in the WH discussing with another staffer how to remove the newly elected president from office.


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