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I am very appreciative of the influence SQV is having on me. News reportage and events of the day don't impact me nearly as strongly as they used to.

The habits of calm analysis I've picked up here over the past several months are carrying over to my life away from the Internet, too. And that's a good thing.

Many thanks to those who set up and run this joint, and to the great folks who hang out here. SQV truly is a very special place.

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Proud of Brian and his scathing retort to NBC:

"Hi @NBCNews. I know you're scared. I can sympathize. You're in a real tight spot here. You just spent more than 3 years as part of the DNC Media Complex relentlessly selling a hoax to the American public. That Trump/Russia hoax has now been totally exposed."

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Why didn't the Lunar Modules leave craters on the Moon?

Why do some shadows on the Moon seem to go in different directions?

Can humans survive passing through the Van Allen radiation belts?

Find the answers in our latest #Apollo50th FAQ at: 

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This is why our allies had to develop their own military capabilities.

We are simply not reliable.

Political grandstanding is the only thing Congress cares about.

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@Cdubois Kudos to you! I would imagine you make a very good, thoughtful and compassionate minister.
You know, it has really impressed me no end over the last 10 years just how much having true principles of "Americanism" is so firmly seated in Judeo-Christian teachings and beliefs. I wanted to say conservatism, but that's a somewhat tarnished word at this point.

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@Debradelai @REX @ThomasWic @RonOgletree @NevadaJack @masterblaster @Cdubois

Poland takes it to AOC

"With this letter, I am formally inviting @AOC to come to Poland,where Adolf Hitler set up the worst chain of concentration camps the world has ever seen, so that she may see that scoring political points with enflamed rhetoric is unacceptable in our contemporary Western societies .."

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MSNBC Anchor Identifies Segregationist Senators From Biden Controversy As Republicans. There’s Just One Problem

MSNBC anchor Kasie Hunt incorrectly identified the two segregationist senators referred to by former Vice President Joe Biden Tuesday night as Republicans during a Wednesday afternoon broadcast.

Except, both of whom were brought up by Biden as examples of “civility” at the Tuesday night New York City fundraiser, were Democrats.

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"President Obama Is Against Reparations For African Americans

“I have said in the past – and I’ll repeat again – that the best reparations we can provide are good schools in the inner city and jobs for people who are unemployed,” he said"

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@Lonestar And he has the nerve to wear an American flag pin. 🤬

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Can't help but wonder if the Mullah's recent belligerence was orchestrated by their American policy adviser: John Kerry.

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@Cdubois @LuluTutu @Jackie

He spends his wife's money. Funny how he's never been able to convince her to give up her riches for the 'good of the masses' 😂 What a damn loser.

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@Debradelai @Princessjasa @HeshmatAlavi’s amazing what one can learn from this site......this arguably is better than many college courses in today’s corrupted Universities......

If Trump moves we can be assured it will be with GCC blessings......I guess it’s time for America to live up to our promise to the people of IRAN......

Evil people are shitting their collective asses across Obama Land today......LMAO

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"Illegal aliens, unlike those interned in Nazi concentration camps, are not being sorted into two groups – those who go to Concentration Camps & those who go to the Death Camps. Nor are they being put to work, starved or beaten.

"...Illegal aliens are not having their heads shaved so their hair could be used in industry. They are not having their gold teeth pulled, their eye glasses, shoes, clothes & personal belongings confiscated and kept for the government..."

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Tweet from Leader McConnell:

So the Senate is moving forward. Yesterday the Appropriations Committee approved funding for the border crisis on a huge bipartisan margin – 30-1. Now we need to consider this urgent bill on the Senate floor. I hope the needs of our nation will finally win out over partisanship.

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“Mentally Ill People Paid to Do Shi*”

‘Bird-Dogging’ — Democrats’ Effort to Incite Violence at Trump Rallies -

Nothing grass roots about it, all planned, contrived, with the help and blessings of Obama and Clinton.

New O’Keefe Video: Hillary Clinton Approved Robert Creamer Plan Directly -

Black Lives Matter Activist Tweets From White House on Obama Meeting -

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Last week, we were contacted by two NBC reporters who posed a series of highly inappropriate questions.

The NBC reporters questioned the religious beliefs of some of our staff members, sought to discredit their beliefs, attacked our journalism based on personal opinion rather than objective analysis, and even sought out information on the personal lives of our staff.

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I’ve been saying this all day. All the people in immigration camps are VOLUNTEERS. The camps have been around a long time, they know that’s where they’ll end up, and yet they still come- illegally. If the camps were so bad wouldn’t they ask to go back home?

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