Amazing what you find if you look hard enough.

This is a brief article from May 2018. In it, Smartmatic admits that Venezuela's Maduro rigged the vote using digital vote fraud.

Back then, no one knew what Smartmatic was - a company created by Chavez and (I suspect) the CCP in Beijing, to rig elections.

If the Dems hadn't panicked on Nov 4, they may have succeeded. They failed.

This is a national security crisis.

Watch what happens. Trump will CRUSH all involved.

IT WAS EXACTLY LIKE SEDITION: The Obama-Trump Transition Was More Like Sedition.

Read the whole thing.

Ciara (@GoblinQueen45) Tweeted:
It’s a sad day when an American president has to fight an American government to protect the American people. 🇺🇸

War Room evening edition

(With Steve Bannon...who Snake Blumenthal asked Mark Zuckerberg to ban from FB today)

The voting population (i know i know) in Venezuela can't be more than 20 million or so folks right? Imagine in a country where up to 200 million people are eligible to vote, the damage that can be done.

The United States Leads the Fight Against Foreign Bribery and Transnational Corruption - United States Department of State

Letter from POTUS before the election. I randomly hung this on my fridge, on the side.

I just read it again.

Check out the underlined passages.
(I know it’s hard to see. Sorry. Zoom in.)


@Debradelai @drawandstrike Get ready for the onslaught. Brian's fans have started to get the word out on the twat that Brian has moved. We had 16,000 quods yesterday. This is going to get fun.

@Cdubois @ThomasWic

Lin Wood has been on Kemp and his stooge (whatever sec of states name is) like flies swarming a dog turd on a hot summer day🤣

Thank God for men like Lin and women like Sydney. Both are true patriots who will be remembered throughout American history as warriors of the TRUTH.

@LLinWood: "The GA Recount is a SHAM.

Just spoke with nonpartisan county head of elections.

They are ONLY counting votes cast, not checking for validation & not checking signatures. Also there are many 'perfect bubbles' on absentee ballot votes.

GA state officials are lying to citizens."

(H/T @SidneyPowell1 RT )

Donald J. Trump
I have reversed the ridiculous decision to cancel Wreaths Across America at Arlington National Cemetery. It will now go on!

So the dems and feminist burned bras and shouted "Free the nips"....

Can we then burn masks and say "Free the lips!!!!!"?!?!

I’m going to post this every day until people get it. Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and zinc sulfate (Zn2+) stops COVID-19 in its tracks. If your doctor refuses to prescribe it, find a doctor that will. Sooner or later, the medical world will wake up. .@realDonaldTrump



and AP

Wrote the CISA memo that said 'most secure election in history' !!!

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