The whole corona-fraud is SO CRAZY that even the good boys, our allies from Mediterranée Infection IHU (Didier Raoult) have their numbers all bloody wrong: there is NO WAY you can compare a country infected to the bone with the virus of statistics like the U.S. (38.8 deaths per 1,000,000 🙄) with Cameroon where they cooked and ate the only statistician they had (0.3 deaths per 1,000,000 🙄🙄) both NUMBERS ARE SO UTTERLY WRONG

Not to mention the source: China Morning Post... 🙄🙄🙄

Just finished recording Yapping with Saul.

Wait till you see who's in today.

@timr There was a Zogby poll that said that Millennials are even saying Trump is doing a good job and they preferred him over Biden in this pandemic.

This morning, my dad told me that the Millennial maintenance man at the place he works said to him, "Trump is really doing a good job with this."

Considering how he was bashing Trump for awhile, this is huge.

Trump is changing minds, even with his biggest critics.

I imagine the news media will try to get beyond this pandemic soon.


Times sure are weird when the same people calling the President of the United States a dictator and tyrant think things would be better if we were more like the Commies.

Fact; the earth was different in the past.
Fiction: Scientists resolving Earth's age beyond recorded history.



Faucci, a miserable loser who's only ability lies in navigating the nomenclature as an accomplished bureaucrat has finally busted my balls.

This miserable Clinton loving moron has NOTHING intelligent to say.

As the rest of us go back to shaking hands, this little figlio di sucamincchia can shake my dick.

His "15 minutes" are long gone.

NBC and Concast are shills for China for a good reason... money. Maddow and others carry water for the Chinese Communist Party.


Interestingly enough NOT ONE of the people who have been chattering their heads off about politics said anything about Bernie online so far today. I looked on Facebook and on Twitter where these people chat amongst each other continuously.

I thought they would all be rallying around their new leader. 🤔

(I guess I should have spent more time checking my heart, a little malicious, pleasure snuck out. 😶 )


The houses are icing on the cake. He's a calculating asshole who bails ONLY when the coffers are full enough to satisfy him.
He walks with at least 3 million every time.

@FramingDeity @wziminer

@umad80 @stephanieanne

Homemade masks are just as effective as the surgeons mask...they protect OTHERS from YOU equally well.

@stephanieanne @umad80

You know Wictor used to say, "I don't worry anymore. I've deferred the Executive Branch to President Trump."

This goes for me too. Ever read or watch "Little House on the Prairie?"

Families in the 1800's dealt with hardships we can not even fathom. Families had 7-8 kids, HOPING that 2 or 3 would "make it".

If the crop failed or Indians attacked, that was it. They moved or died.

President Trump HAS ALREADY WON FOR US. Time to hitch the team and git tuh plowin'.

"...IRS speeds up coronavirus check printing, delivery ahead of schedule.

FOX Business has learned that the IRS has sped up its process and is now targeting “early next week” for the direct deposit checks.

The first checks could be directly deposited as early as Monday or Tuesday with the first paper checks mailed starting April 20.

For anyone needing to adjust their direct deposit information, the IRS will be providing that option by the end of the week. ..."

POTUS: Number of new cases is stablizing. Soon we'll be over that curve and we're going to get this terrible thing behind us. We'll have some hard days ahead, but we're going to defeat the invisible enemy faster as we rely on the American people to follow the guidelines.

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