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Laura Ingraham tweeted:

Parade of fools “getting their steps in.” Nancy should at least make it more entertaining and twirl a baton in front.

“Currently, Democrats are working hard to ensure that they all are identified as (D-Iran).”

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“From Reagan to Obama, every president since Carter accepted and kept faith with Carter's decision not to hold the Iranian regime responsible for the acts of aggression and war it carried out against America through proxies.”

No longer! @POTUS Trump changed the rules of the game.

@desertrat We cut the cord when the Kaepernick’s ‘kneeling for the flag’ campaign started as we had cable mostly to watch football and golf. When was that? Two years ago? Don’t miss it or the expense.

We do stream movies though.

DC Examiner:
Nationals catcher Kurt Suzuki walks up to a microphone outside the White House and whips out a hat.

Check out @realDonaldTrump's reaction:

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@NevadaJack Our tax dollars are paying for these idiots’ free ride. Unbelievable!

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1) Normally, I like to read Supreme Court rulings, and get immersed in the logic and nature of the system of laws we live under.

Sometimes, I enjoy the written backhands Justices deliver to each other, petitioners, and respondents. In the highest court of the country, only the highest forms of comedy can take root in the most serious of documents.

And then every once in a while you have a gang of fuckwits who throw a brief at the SCOTUS in a literal tantrum, and I have to rip it to shreds.

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@hnijohnmiller I've pulled it up and have been reading along with you. It reads like a badly thought out temper tantrum

Award winning cut!
The Brazilian government says it won’t accept the G7 Amazon aid money and that it should use it to reforest Europe instead, adding that Macron can’t even protect a foreseeable fire in a church.

Why is POTUS sitting in front of the Canadian flag and Trudeau in front of the US flag?

“Regardless of your views on Trump, if you value democracy and human rights, some things are worse than giving the Trump administration a win. A victory for China in its trade conflict with the U.S. is now one of them."

Matteo Salvini demonstrates why he is going to be the first Prime Minister of an independent and sovereign Italia when he flames Richard Gere:

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Just watching this video is going to give me nightmares tonight. 😂

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