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#5 Gee, somehow this new info ALSO wasn't picked up by 2 x Congressional investigations, Mueller's SC, or anyone else for that matter.

Seems odd, since the allegation is that dozens of Kremlin agents were coming in and out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in 2016, delivering packets of incriminating material to Assange, who, er, ALSO apparently had a super-duper secret high tech IT network set up, right under Ecuador's noses.

Seriously, who wrote this crap. Seth Abramson?

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Let's see what happens.

Absence rock-solid evidence, this is still speculation. However, today's news and the lack of denials by participants, combined with the odd behaviour of the Dems on the Hill & the DNC lugenpresse, makes the central allegation more credible.

At least, to me it does.

The end.

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'...what [Assange] has really become is a direct participant in Russian efforts to undermine the West and a dedicated accomplice in efforts to undermine American security.'

Again, this may be true. But t
the WL source could still be the DNC, which if true would (as Warner himself admitted), w
be 'catastrophic' for the Dems.

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The evidence proving that the DNC info was leaked to WL will have to be rock-solid, b/c the Dems will do everything in their power to cast doubt on it.

They've already started on Assange himself, again a telling indicator they're worried. Check out this April 2019 statement from, guess who?

Why, Mark Warner, who was so keen to soft-glove Assange in 2017, but now has a different POV, quote:

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Credible voices have already IDd Assange as 'our guy' that Warner & Waldman are referring to (see Jeff Carlson, below).

We need to be careful. Assange is an anarchist and no friend of the US. His trustworthiness is questionable.

Against that, though, is that the information WL has produced has never been false.

Assange's word won't be enough, in itself.

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It's interesting that none of the main players allegedly involved, have denied it.

You'd think that Ellen Rattner, in particular, would be keen to IMMEDIATELY shut down a conspiracy theory, in which she is directly named.

The sudden lugenpresse push in recent days to paint Butowski as a Russian stooge is also odd, to put it mildly.

Here's the relevant Warner-Waldman texts:

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I love silent films because they have scenes that are far more relatable than what happens in today's uptight culture.

An early Harold Lloyd film.

As he flirts with a woman in a theater, he absentmindedly grabs the foot of the woman behind him and starts swinging it.

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These pathetic DUMBASSES are telling the country that Trump must be impeached over TWEETS.

The Democrats are toast.

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Nobody calls Lloyd a sexist, and the woman whose foot he grabbed is nobody's victim.

The whole thing is just FUNNY.

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@StarLasswell @Lisa22


A 17-year-old "social media influencer" was just murdered by a 21-year-old fellow influencer.

He killed her with a knife in his car and then posted the photos.

There was almost no reaction in the comments. Just "WTF" and "RIP."

YOUR reaction is normal. I've watched only one beheading video, just to prove that another one was fake.

Too many young people today are utterly abnormal in their reactions to suffering.

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And don't forget all the sadistic torture horror films.

What's happening IS NOT social justice warriors making everything PC.

Instead, they're trying to condition people to reject warfare IN DEFENSE OF DEMOCRACIES.

This is why I'm not sorry to see all these franchises fail.

We need to return to traditional values.

The current films are garbage. They die BECAUSE they're garbage.

That which has no will to survive, won't.

Darwinism in action.


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Gary Cooper is Quaker. They're forbidden from engaging in war.

He always tell everyone that if the time comes, he HOPES he'll be able to adhere to his religion's tenets.

When the time comes, he makes a massively difficult decision.

He understands the big picture, but he also has to live with himself as an individual.

Hollywoods hasn't made a movie like that in decades.

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There's video of Saudi Apache gunships strafing Houthi terrorists.

The pilot says a prayer as he pulls the trigger.

He's praying for the men he's killing.

But he kills them, because it has to be done.

The best movie ever made about all this is "Friendly Persuasion."

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