I wonder if Durham had Spygate coupsters under surveillance (FISA?) and picked up evidence of planning election theft?

Given the broad scope of Durham's special counsel, including the ability to "prosecute federal crimes arising from his investigation of these matters", would newly identified federal crimes related to election theft fall under his scope?

Just so people understand the breadth of CIA spec ops, the CIA operates its own air force.

In the 60's the CIA operated its own version of the SR-71 spy plan called the A-12 Oxcart.



If your Chris Miller and you just took over CIA Spec Ops, do you think he signs and then holds a big kumbaya meeting and says welcome to the team CIA guys.

I doubt it. If the CIA knew they would just hide their covert assets. I bet military raided and took control of the assets unannounced days or weeks before public signing.

Maybe, just maybe, this is why Trump is so confident. The behind the scenes war was already won. The public facing part just needs to catch up.

Just a random thought....

What if the real war is not fighting election fraud with Biden/DNC (that's just the public facing part), but the real war is destroying the root power structure behind the scenes; a large part being CIA covert operations?

Remove the power and organizing structure behind Biden, DNC, Media, etc. and the whole Biden presidency gambit collapses.

Ironically the memo was activated 57 years after JFK signed it and Ezra Cohen-Watnick referenced JFK during Chris Miller's signing speech.

"The global demands for special operations forces, then and now has confirmed President Kennedy's foresight. And now under the leadership of President [Donald J.] Trump, we are fully realizing President Kennedy's prescient view of special operations forces," ECW said.

How was JFK's view memorialized? In memo 57.

I didn't appreciate the magnitude of the re-org of civilian special ops under Chris Miller until I watched this video. Trump utilized JFK's National Security Action Memo 57 to make the re-org. This action "de-fangs" the CIA.

This long video explains it.

I think there is a connection somewhere: election fraud, re-org, firing Mark Esper, Haspel excluded from intelligence briefings then running to McConnell, McConnell Barr visit then supporting Trump, etc.


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Last post for the night.

Keep in mind that Powell is probably about to bring down REPUBLICANS.

If true, Trump has to create distance (he backs her 100% but is also the GOP leader).

Georgia's GOPe rats. They go down first. And Dems, too.

It's the perfect way to kick things off.

This was a Dem coup. However it was also a RINO one.

Trump will now destroy them.

And then rebuild America.

The end.

@REX We are in a state of 4th dimensional warfare with a collection of entities that include enemy governments and non-government actors.


"the fourth generation signifies the nation states' loss of their near-monopoly on combat forces, returning to modes of conflict common in pre-modern times.

The simplest definition includes any war in which one of the major participants is not a state but rather a violent non-state actor. Classical examples of this type of conflict, such as the slave uprising under Spartacus, predate the modern concept of warfare."

@REX We are at War. 4th dimensional war; taking place on the soil of the United States.

Once you accept that we are actually at war, then it all makes sense. That is why Trump knows we won, because in war you play for keeps.

Familiarize William S. Lind and his books on 4th dimensional warfare.

6) We have not only slimy DemoKKrats and two bit shady companies involved, but possibly the CIA itself.

Maybe that is the point of Powell brining up the server raid over and over. It is a message not that Scytl was raided, but that we caught the whole black operation red handed. Only those who know will get it.

.... just some of my crazy thoughts down another rabbit hole.

5) Is it possible that this server raid story about Scytl, was not actually Scytl. Perhaps the raid was the military shutting down CIA's Political Action Group. That would explain the strange report of the US Military being involved with the raid.

That would also mean we have the biggest constitutional crisis the country has ever faced.

4) I can't find verification, but I wonder if the recent announcement of moving civilian special operations under the military includes CIA's Special Activities Center?

Is it possible that Scytl, Dominion, and others are actually CIA front companies and the CIA was behind the election hacking?

3) I dug around to try and verify if this is true.

I found this 2013 paper titled "Of the Use of Plausible
Deniability by the United
States in Iraq and
Afghanistan". The document includes references to CIA's PAG and indicates that Frankfurt is a location of a black site.


2) "The Political Action Group (PAG) is responsible for covert activities related to political influence, psychological operations, economic warfare, and cyberwarfare." Rumor is that this group is responsible for CIA's manipulation of elections around the globe.

A two part tweet speculated that Frankfurt Germany was a location of PAG


1) CIA's Special Activities Center is team focused on "clandestine or covert operations with which the U.S. government does not want to be overtly associated". The SAC is split into two group: Special Operations Group) for tactical paramilitary operations and SAC/PAG (Political Action Group) for covert political action.


4) What it does remind me of though is a technique that Trump often uses.

Trump will often drop a phrase like ".... I'm hearing XYZ; I don't know, I guess we'll see what happens".

This feels a lot like that....

3) I can't figure it out.

Maybe its disinfo to confuse and trip up the enemy. Maybe its true but she can not say due to security classification. Maybe its a coded message.

Notice today though she doesn't deny the raid occurred, just that she doesn't know who has it.

I just find the whole topic very very strange.

2) If its nothing but rumor why is she co-mingling rumor with discussion of all the factual evidence during interviews. Introduction of rumors just harms her credibility at a time she is trying to factual prove election fraud. Spreading rumors adds no value to her arguments.

However, since she continues to bring up the server raid over and over there has to be a reason why.

1) I can not figure out what the hell Sidney Powell is doing with the talk of the server raid in Germany, but there has to be something going on there as she has brought it up in multiple interviews spanning multiple days.

Today she tweets ": I said I did not know whether they had been seized by the good guys or the bad guys. Rumor was it was the good guys.

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