BREAKING NEWS: John Kasich is "sadly" recommending impeachment of POTUS.


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@CaptainMarble @JM

Why didn't the spineless, gutless, nobody wants, Kasich attend the Trump rally last night & propose his impeachment ideas to the standing room only Trump crowd?

These GOP spineless, gutless, nadless wimps think anyone in the GOP base gives a damn what they think or say. Why don't they crawl under their rocks starting with disgusting Mittens

@HunDriverWidow @JM
He probably had a couple foot-long meatball hoagies and a medium pizza back in his hotel room, getting cold.


As if this certified TDS sufferer has any influence.

Just pimping for a sinecure on The Bulwark.


Kasich is a nobody that nobody significantly covers other than his Enormous eating spectacles. 🀣

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