Trump coming out to assure gun owners that UBC's are a non-starter NOW is a brilliant move.

Shores up support for mental health background checks among his coalition, while simultaneously causing RINOcons and charlatans to pop their tops.

Fox News is a fucking joke

THIS is "news" on their main web page:

So now Fox is calling this news, AN ANONYMOUS REDDIT STORY about a guy telling his brother that he farted on the wedding cake.


An ANONYMOUS Reddit thread, about a fartcake.

Maybe they can get Donna Brazile to report further on it.



This is something we've discussed at length. The same idiocy from the 70s, talk about Groundhog Day.

But, but, their civil liberties!

Apparently, if you find someone having a heart attack on the street, you should let them stew in their juices and die, lest you deprive him of his civil rights by locking him in an ambulance!

I've been hearing the same stupid "Civil Rights" argument for 40 years.

They cannot be that stupid.

They WANT chaos on the streets.

Hat tip to HNIKyle Comrade Fudge for this photo in his Twatter TL:

Oh my god...Ace of Spades comes up with the best nickname ever. Sorry POTUS, sorry Schweikert:

April Ryan, now christened "Obese Froghemoth"

😂 😂

Court Summons Issued for Bodyguard of CNN's April D. Ryan, Who Roughed Up a Journalist
—Ace of Spades

I told you when the Fed lowered rates that the problem was China and Europe. Some data is out today:

China's industrial output is down over 5% and Germany's GDP shrunk as it exports fell 9%.

The question is not whether a recession is approaching but how bed will it be.

China's economy is headed straight to the shitter. Europe's already there.

Get out from companies that depend on their foreign income.

There's still time.

The US is strong. It'll be mild.

Charlie GASparino is such a GAS bag. I can’t stand to listen to his Chamber of Commerce propaganda.

He is such a chooch.

Whenever there is a little fear in the air, he has to jump on it with his negativity and blame everything on Trump’s policies.

He never blames Europe and China’s financial policies. What about their financial instability?

Retired Orrin G. Hatch (@RetiredOrrin) Tweeted:
Lastly but perhaps most importantly, these Judiciary Democrats ALL signed on in support of career criminal @MichaelAvenatti
and his clown car Kavanaugh smear effort.

They are forever disqualified from discussion of the health of the US Supreme Court.


Here's what happens when you don't check your facts.

"Shirley Skipper-Scott, a graduate from Alabama State, was warden of the Metro Correctional Center in New York City.

"She was reassigned today following the death of the most important inmate of this century, Jeffrey Epstein."

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Hunting rifles can be modified to hold 25 or 30 rounds.

Compare the AR-15 round on the left to the 8mm hunting-rifle round on the right.

You can ban semiautomatic rifles, but unless we change laws covering CRIMINALS and the VIOLENTLY MENTALLY ILL, someone will take a modified hunting rifle and hold off the police as they kill everybody in a building.

Our police have no protection against THESE weapons.


This weapon is NOT a semiautomatic rifle.

Do you see how gun bans can always be worked around?

This isn't being widely reported:

Donald Trump Wins Guatemala Vote on Asylum Deal

Brilliant stroke. And this is the kind of thing that I'm advocating the feckless GOP learn to do. It's a direct blow to their Lawfare operations.

Instead of allowing the opposition (democrats) to set the conditions of the battle (time/place, etc.) this changes the battle space completely.

And Trump wins again.

Take note GOP.

HARRIS: “Let me tell you something, we’re all paying for health care for everyone.”

SENIOR: “No, we’re not.”

HARRIS: “…and it’s in an emergency room.”

SENIOR: “No, we’re not. Leave our health care system alone.”

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