Apparently we live in a world where its legal to stand in line to buy weed but you have to avoid the law to get a haircut. I just went for a back-alley haircut. My hairdresser owns a salon with 8 stations and none of the hairdressers can pay rent, her landlord will not reduce her rent and she is closing shop at end of April. Even if business opens soon, allowing one client in at a time won't work for her either. Sad.

It's show time! Can't wait for Birx to tell me what a good job I'm doing.

@LAPatriot Homeless still in tents under overpasses and crapping in street here. But I will be sure to wear my government required mask to get groceries.

@Cdubois @ilumanous The moment when he asked Birx if the hating media would ever overflow in the press room again like the old days and then did a wink wink with Barr was pure gold. Birx just went on with her script.

@ilumanous @Cdubois
He used stand by them at the podium. Now he walks out and leaves them to dangle.

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Why the hysteria over hydroxychloroquine for COVID?

Is it based on science or politics?

My article today in American

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@Cdubois @Baline
That's for sure! i love the gas price slap down! better than wwe

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @Cdubois i'd like to ask Fauci and Birx to answer my question since the seem to be dictating the direction!

@Cdubois I wish he would eliminate the press and let citizens ask questions virtually!

@Cdubois and the official numbers even if "cooked" do not warrant an economic shutdown

@JM if we had reporters at press conferences who knew how to ask questions, we could get the answer

Can someone explain how there are 60,000 people living on the streets in LA County, doing drugs, not social distancing, not wearing masks, not washing their hands, living in squalor and there are 7530 cases, 198 deaths as of yesterday in the whole county of 10 million people?

@Lisa22 @RonOgletree @Dawnz @ThomasWic @Debradelai
Wow incredible story Lisa. We are living in miraculous times.
Thanks for sharing yours!

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General Mike Flynn is a patriot and American hero! Please donate now to his legal defense fund!

I cannot imagine the financial devastation these false charges have brought his family! Together, we can all help ease this burden somewhat!

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