For those who still don't understand Trump.

Here's what too many of you think:

Trump says or doesn't something and then is forced to go on the defensive.

You don't get that Trump is ALWAYS ON THE OFFENSE.

I will list all the things you're forgetting.

Trump was a Democrat for several years.

In other words, he learned their secrets and recruited agents.

For decades, Trump has hired former members of the Intelligence Community.

Trump has never used e-mail.

The reason he gives is that anything you say or write can be used against you.

Over the past several years, Americans lost the ability to understand clandestine activities.

Americans think that before someone undertakes a clandestine activity, that person ANNOUNCES it.

The reality is that clandestine activities are never announced.

When I applied for a job at the CIA, they asked me if I was willing to lie to everyone about what I did.

Note that I would've had to LIE.

Even to my spouse.

I used to love the movie Three Days of the Condor.

Now I find the Robert Redford character insufferable.

He hates having to lie about what he does.

"I trust people," he says with his chin up in defiance.

Think of how stupid that is.

If he tells people what he does, he's BURDENED them. Now THEY have to lie.

What if they slip up?

I lie all the time about my real life.

To everyone.

When I publish my memoirs under an assumed name, I'll lie even more.

Parts of the memoir are lies.

I had to do it TO PROTECT OTHERS.

Trump is lying his ass off, and people are looking to others to tell them what it all means.

Those others are too limited to see the big picture. Therefore their opinions are without value.

Here's the final aspect:

When a successful clandestine operation is over, IT'S KEPT SECRET FOREVER.

If you expect Trump to ADMIT that he set up everybody, you're going to be disappointed.

There's no doubt that Mike Pence never demands to be let in on Trump's deepest secrets.

Pence does as Trump asks.

The reason is that Pence understands that Trump is always right.

If you were married to someone, and that person demanded that you accounted for every moment of the day, how long would that marriage last?

"How do I know you're REALLY going to the market?"

This video was a JOKE. It wasn't meant to be an instructional video.

I know that I'm actually shoveling shit against the tide, because hysteria is the new normal in this country.


If you were to actually stop and think, you'd see that all your angst is a total waste of time.

Stuck in the pre-Trump era is not a good place to be.

Everything has changed.

Hopefully you'll be able to adapt to the new reality.



@ThomasWic Yes yes yes!!! 2+ years ago I was in angst. Then I found the corner of Twitter that has migrated to Q.V.

Everyday I now wake knowing that Trump is at the wheel. I see the "breaking news" for what it is. It now only makes me laugh. Just thinking to myself that "they will never learn" then I go on with my day. I do my part in MAGA. Thank you Thomas Wictor for being one of the few voices of reason since day 1. ❤🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

@CancerousToeJam @ThomasWic
When I see “Breaking News” I think, cha ching. Another record breaking fund raising day for Trump.

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