Gen Flynn's lawyer tell POTUS to stay tuned!!!! Cause she is about to open a can of asswhopping


Yes!!! Sidney is the right one to be handling this across from Durham. She knows where all the bodies are buried, where all the closet skeletons are. And she is a non-nonsense gem of a human being.

@CancerousToeJam can’t you just feel it in the air .. things are happening . She must have been working on this in the beginning in the background?

@inverness01 @CancerousToeJam
She is going to walk Judge Sullivan through the faults of case that the prosecution made. 👏


So happy Ms. Powell is Gen. Flynn's lawyer, she is a powerhouse!

@Elaines2cents It will be glorious. I have never been a fan of lawyers. But she just wowed me the first time I watched her during an interview last year. Been a fan since.


I've posted a few of the interviews she's done over the last few years and her strength never waivers.


To know that @SidneyPowell is now the front line defense for @GenFlynn gives me a catch in the throat.
Thank God for this brilliant woman!!


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