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is regaining control of the cesspool that is Washington D.C. We are all rightfully happy about this. I believe we should be, and we should rejoice and celebrate every inch gained. Whether its having the right people run the DOJ or the right people going going to jail (Hillary) are in my opinion good cause.

@Elaines2cents @Debradelai

But will retaking D.C. truly give us our country back? How about our local municipalities? Our public schools? What about state Universities? or private Universities that you may be a grad of.

How about the out of control media CNN, Comcast/NBC NYT etc? Not to mention the social media giants.

Im just a simple small town ToeJam. I would like to remind all my fellow patriots that our work is far from done. Trump became president of a USA that was basically a junker. Trump got the engine running and installed new bumpers. But it will fall on our shoulders to fix the flat tires, get new brake pads, install a working radio and put some freon in the A/C system.


Trump and his allies have shown us and the world, that change is possible. Yes it can be difficult. But it is possible. This coming election cycle we have to like we have never 'd before.

We have to get involved locally. The same type of corrupt apparatus we are seeing come to light in D.C. is alive locally. Smaller in scale and reach. But doing damage just the same.

Our local politicians are sometimes, just as money hungry as Hillary Clinton. Sometimes it is out of neglect or fear of rocking the boat. Even good people have been hypnotized by the constant onslaught of MSM and social media. They may be just trying to fit in.

We must remind them that we believe, that is no longer acceptable behavior. Every decision public servants do must be in tune with what "We the people" want and prefer.

We have a great opportunity with via this platform to communicate, share ideas about local issues and solutions. Have them viewed by great minds and feedback so that we can fine tune our local ops. This was not available to us 2.5 yrs ago. We also have the knowledge and proof that American values work.

Our founding fathers trusted "We the people" with the future of this country. Men like Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and Donald J. Trump have put it all on the line for "We the People". Its time for "We the People" to kick some ass.

ToeJam out ..............

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