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@Debradelai It just doesn't feel like home without this vid.
Dedicated to one of America's finest families and a man that has endured the unimaginable.
Please stand with Flynn.

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To all of you serving our military and our Veterans...God Bless you and your families. Never Forget the sacrifices of so many by so few.

We MUST reopen state and federal mental hospitals, and we MUST allow for long-term, or PERMANENT involuntary commitment.


We simply learn to live with homicidal maniacs in our midst.


Some lunatic just stabbed her son 18 times and had to be shot to death by the cops.

She's physically violent. and she's verbally incoherent.

"I’m like half-naked. I was on my way home from brunch with my friends. There’s people on the corner antagonizing the city I live in, work in. This has been my whole life. I’ve always had to be the person to try... You don’t know what Donald Trump is, I don’t agree with Trump."


"Oh, we must close the hospitals, because they're CRUEL."

Look around you.

World War II scrambled the thought processes of Americans and made them susceptible to the most destructive ideology ever invented:


The Great Depression started the process, and World War II finished it.

The push to deinstitutionalize the severely mentally ill was itself insane.

And Americans fell for it because they were becoming mentally weak.

"“The hospital seemed to have a calming effect. Someone might come in agitated and then fairly quickly they would tend to calm down. It was a benign environment."

Americans demanded that state and federal mental hospitals be closed based on the raving of an LSD addict and a lying university professor.

We need to return to how we were before World War II.

Yes, there were problems, but most Americans were like Trump.

When you add Nunes 8 criminal referrals to the apparent 'several' (at least 2) criminal referrals in this upcoming IG Report, it's looking like quite a few Obama crooks are going down very soon.

And that's not even including the Durham probe, which is likely to nail multiple more seditious scumbags.

A reckoning is coming.


It is this unholy admixture of religion and politics that has been from the beginning, is today, and shall remain the bane of "Latin" America.

The blasphemy we witness in that video, from a theological point of view, is counterweighted by the folly of basing a political movement on supernatural superstitions.

That which we see in the video is no better than Morales. It is the same.

Everybody's texting while driving now. People on this platform do it.

Always keep a watch in your rear-view mirror.

She could've pulled off the road to her left if she'd seen the truck coming.

My guess is all the drivers were texting.

@StevenDouglas @NevadaJack

My greatest flaw is impatience.

I'm not ANGRY at people, and I don't feel contempt for them.

But I'm impatient.

I want to do THIS to them.

"We choke-a to death the capitalism. And stop calling me señor. I'm-a the señora, you know. A lady!"


"Now maybe Dr. Javaid Perwaiz is a cynical and sinister profiteer, and that’s all there is to this."
Certainly, that's where the evidence points to. But why should we pass up an opportunity for bigotry and skander?

"However, as uncomfortable as it may make some people to notice it," and off we go with wild theories of an amorphous "Islamic plot" to sterilize our women!

Somebody ought to tell the moron women are mostly responsible for cultural transmission, too.


Another problem is that people are deeply in love with fear and unhappiness.

I refuse to feed that vampire.

What you DON'T know WON'T hurt you.

When it's all fixed, I still won't tell you.

Some of us keep our mouths shut. Some of us LIE in order to protect operations in progress.

And when the operations are over, we never tell you what happened.

That's as it should be.


The SEALs are all writing books.

They never stop talking.

Even McRaven had to beg them to shut up, but since he fostered this jabberwocky, he's in no position to criticize.

Most people want their butts kissed. They want applause.


They expose clandestine operations.

Cummings died while national attention was on the Baltimore trash issue.

He created all that trash, it just took a village to prove his longstanding ideological pathologies actually embalmed him. “Embalmed him!?” Yes, for me anyway.

Try to think of the name Elijah Cummings without thinking of Baltimore’s trash. If you can do it, great, but I can’t. Metaphors captivate me.


Based on the rules approved by the House, what congressional Republicans do or do not insist upon is totally irrelevant.

Remember this in November when some idiot tries to talk you out of voting for a "RINO" in, say, Maine, Massachusetts or Virginia (or any other blue cesspool).

Whichever party controls the Chair, controls the agenda.

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