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@Debradelai It just doesn't feel like home without this vid.
Dedicated to one of America's finest families and a man that has endured the unimaginable.
Please stand with Flynn.

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This is why the DC left seems more unhinged lately. They are loosing in the most (they thought would be) unlikely demographics.

Obama is a disgrace.

Such criticism of a sitting POTUS is beyond inappropriate. It's despicable and outrageous.

Trump uses his public profile for strategic reasons. Obama? It's just another way to look in the mirror and admire himself.

My hope is that he is America's first indicted POTUS. Trump will crush him, either way.

Obama thoroughly deserves it.

L-R: Col. Ahmed Mohamed Safaa Eldin Ahmed Mohamed, Egypt Asst. Military Attache; Shana Forta, GI CoS; Barakat Elleithy, Egyptian Embassy; Mr. Shafik Gabr; Francisco Semião, GI Senior Fellow; Adam Lovenger, GI Senior Fellow; Mr. Gamal Sadat; Eli Gold; Congressman Bob McEwen, ExecDir, Council for National Policy; MajGen Mahmoud Hassanin, Egypt Military Attache; Jay D. Homnick; Adelle Nazarian, GI Media Fellow; RJ Matt Brodsky, GI Senior Fellow; Saul Montes-Bradley, GI CommDir/Sr Fellow

Social media has made people into perma-children.

All they care about is getting likes and clicks.



While conservatives fight the onslaught of dimwitted media personalities and fake news from the left, we have the same problem hurting our own credibility. We have people driven by fame, money and ego.

Most of these young conservative commentators are all style and no substance. Tire slashing “victim” Laura Loomer is one of the worst.

I think Laura Loomer deserves a thread...right now.

@MistyNan @lisapretzel @NevadaJack


When you pander to non-customers at the expense of customers, you go out of business.

It would be like Ben and Jerry's not selling cookie-dough ice cream anymore to placate vegans.

Its a beautiful world we live in
A sweet romantic place
Beautiful people everywhere
The way they show they care
Makes me want to say
Its a beautiful world

"War with an intensity described as unprecedented."

Looks like some Spanish or Colombian troops there.

I hate childish fantasy.

That entire opinion piece may as well have been written by a seven-year-old.

Trump and the Saudis know what they're doing.

Unlike the Turks.

Erdogan bought German Leopard 2 main battle tanks.

They're deathtraps.


Quoting @IntelliTimes on Twitter:

Saudi sources report that the Royal Saudi Air Force is behind the attacks against the installations of the Revolutionary Guards and militias in Al Bukamal on the Syria/Iraq border two days ago. According to these sources, similar attacks are expected on Iranian interests soon.

It's Been Six Months Since Trump Ended the White House Press Briefings—and the Country Is Fine
A heckler is commonly defined as someone who “interrupts a performer or public speaker with derisive or aggressive comments or abuse.”
It's been six months since the heckling stopped. Six months since the last White House press briefing. Six months devoid of noxious nonsense.

@ilumanous @masterblaster

We had a very emotional conversation. The same people who assassinated his father, Al-Jihad and Gamal al-Islamiya are the ones who bombed Arrow Air three years later.

A "connection" I do not wish upon anyone.


I'm sure it's true.

The Saudis have not retaliated for hundreds of ballistic-missile attacks on the kingdom.

This non-retaliation was a trap.

It made the mullahs overconfident.

The worst thing you can do is underestimate your enemy.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.