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What's this all about?

"The U.S. Navy has confirmed that three online videos purportedly showing UFOs are genuine. The service says the videos, taken by Navy pilots, show “unexplained aerial phenomena,” but also states that the clips should have never been released to the public in the first place."

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@Jackie @Cdubois

The GOP never fights election fraud.

That's why I never donate to the GOP.

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@BennettVarsho @athena12

This guy did exactly what you're supposed to do, but note how the silverback was ready to rip everyone limb from limb.

Eye contact makes them kill you.

Screw the hell out of THAT. Save the gorillas, but I never want to meet one.

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@masterblaster @rarity @Baline @selah18

It's pathetic, actually.

Think about it THIS way:

Patton hated Jews BUT SAVED THEM ANYWAY.

The Kurds hate the Yazidis but saved them from the Islamic State anyway. Like Patton, the Kurds used brilliant military strategy to do it.

To this day, Iraqi Kurdistan is paying huge amounts to support Yazidi refugees.

Yet Kurds hate Yazidis.

Doing the right thing despite your own personal feelings is what we call "heroism."

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Doesn't everybody put pancakes in their pockets?

I love how the press digs up retarded fairy tales that don't mean anything, and the believers of retarded fairy tales glom onto them.

"See? He stole pancakes!"

I want to see a picture of the Scottish crone who's still bitching about pancakes after half a century.

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For @athena12

You wrote, "I love animals a lot but you have to know who's who in the zoo."

There was a series on cable about people who had dangerous pets.

These people ALWAYS end up being killed.

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That's in total contradiction of what was in initially reported.

They said Irwin was stabbed once in the heart, and HE pulled out the barb.

Did you ever see the footage of the shark "expert" getting his calf bitten off?

Erich Ritter and his guest were waist deep in the ocean, surrounded by a hundred bull sharks.

"Everything's fine!" Ritter said, right before his leg was munched.

The entire ocean was red.

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@mariel @captwfcall

In the past, they had shows about animal architecture and bizarre ritualistic behavior.

Now, all the shows are just about killing.

No thanks.

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The Discovery Channel actually has the video on YouTube.

I stopped watching Discovery years ago, because it became the Snuff Film Channel.

Nothing but baby animals being eaten alive, screaming.

The photographers were all sadists who loved the carnage.

I can do without seeing defenseless entities being brutally and painfully killed.

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@Debradelai @selah18

"If I die, it's what I want."

Not according to the audiotape of him being killed. He definitely did NOT want it.

There was actually another one. Photos were leaked.

Being killed by a grizzly bear is definitely one of the worst ways to go.

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@Joycevor @Jackie

I saw him get the absolute hell chewed out of him.

While it's true that dogs are hierarchical, you DON'T flip them on them backs and make them surrender.

Such dogs will wait for the right moment and then bite off your face.

The answer is to not have savage dogs.

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Trump is without question the greatest political leader of all time.

Only Mohammed bin Salman could possibly match him.

And my guess is Kim Jong-un is also in their league. He just hasn't time to show it yet.

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@redwhitebluedude @Debradelai @HegetsitBear

The Iranians allowed their children to be used to clear minefields by marching into them.

At the Second Battle of al-Faw, the Iranians used child soldiers in groups of three:

One had a rifle, one had a hand grenade, and one had a plastic key to paradise.

They were so tightly packed that the dead couldn't fall.

It was a field of 40,000 dead children, many of them still upright.

There are photos of this.

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The Taliban and the mullahs got the same bad advice:

Carry out acts of war. That will make Trump cave.

From what I'm reading, the Taliban are being absolutely slaughtered.

And the only only thing that came from the Iranian strikes on Saudi Arabia was a demonstration to the world that the mullahs are willing to disrupt global energy supplies.

It won't end well for them.

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The reason Saudi Arabia didn't retaliate for over 200 ballistic-missile strikes was to goad the Iranians into doing something like this.

Nobody was shaken up.

As for a "kinetic strike," I put the odds at zero. The mullahs WANT a war. The Saudis know that.


The Iranians must rise up and ask for outside help.

And they will.

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For @skhillx3

You wrote:

"President Trump Reveals ***That The First Day He First Came Into Office, General Mattias Revealed To Him That The US Military Was VERY LOW on Ammunition (Very Low As In NONE!!)"

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small thread on Gun Safety


The rules surrounding the use of deadly force are pretty clear: You can use your gun to defend yourself, but when the threat stops, you must stop shooting. The situation may be fluid and dynamic, but remembering the rules will keep you out of trouble.

This surveillance video of a fight that ended in gunfire inside a Walmart shows how a woman went from being the victim of a crime to being charged with a crime in just a few seconds.

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