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Here's another thing:

The press reported that the dead old Dutchman tried to "detonate a propane tank."

Makes it sound like a homemade bomb, right?

Well, he was killed trying to blow up THIS tank, which could've killed detainees.

Not one leftist cares. Not one.

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It's time to give up on the Democrats.

The party needs to die and be reborn.

There's an old joke:

When it comes to breakfast, the chicken makes a contribution, while the pig makes a commitment.

The Democrats have made their commitment.

They can no more do the right thing than a piece of bacon can be brought back to life.

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I'm sick of people using PTSD as an excuse to act out.

I'll put my PTSD up against his, and I'll win the blue ribbon.

He's a miserable, spoiled little shit who needs a dishonorable discharge.

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The father of modern American progressivism is Woodrow Wilson.

There were no progressives before him.

Republicans "won" on civil rights."

Progressives have put gay rights back a generation.

Progressives ruin everything they touch.

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@baldilocks @oystergirl @atrip

Canadian druggie and drunk and social-media asshole tried to murder an elderly woman for no reason. Stranger-on-stranger attack.

The elderly woman is now paralyzed.

The attempted murderer is looking at FIVE YEARS maximum.

Prosecutors argue that people are now afraid to use public transportation, because this kind of thing is so common.


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This was made possible by killing almost the entire Covert Action Division of the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence.

We dropped a MOAB on them, and as far as I can tell, not a single western news outlet put two and two together.

Only Indian journalists figured it out.

About 1000 men were killed.

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"If you kids don't settle down, I'm going to put you all in a time out ..." 😂

An election that even Hillary Clinton could win. Maybe.

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@wziminer @Dawnz @redwhitebluedude

Whenever someone says, "A Republican can't win there," just remember that Trump broke down the Blue Wall and won where everyone said he couldn't.

Babylon Bee is hilarious, but I do also get a kick out of the replies.

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APOD: Apollo 11: Descent to the Moon (2019 Jul 17)
Video Credit: NASA, Apollo Flight Journal
Compilation & Copyright: W. David Woods

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The theme is one of my favorite compositions.

They used only the second half in the movie.

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The Snowden Test is about government CONSPIRACIES.

If Sinatra were a spook, very few people would have known, and it was not a conspiracy.

The Snowden Test disproves all the conspiracy theories that involve large numbers of people committing CRIMES that create mass casualties.

Take Glenn Ford and Sterling Hayden

Both served in the marines in World War II.


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What today's Hollywood elite lack is the fact that the majority of actors of this era were WW2 Veterans , the scene you showed the majority of the actors Lancaster . Borgnine,Claude Akins and others all served that is the big difference I see even though many of these actors even then claimed to be democrats , that party was different then and they were true Americans and portrayed American Spirit in their films . Real men in a different world .

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Sinatra made tons of brilliant films.

From Here to Eternity (sad)
Young at Heart
The Tender Trap
The Man with the Golden Arm (stunning)
Never So Few
The Manchurian Candidate (perfect)
None But the Brave
Von Ryan's Express (downer)
The Naked Runner

He was a saloon singer, so he tended toward melancholy.

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You know what's bizarre?

Frank Sinatra made at least three films about political assassination with sniper rifles.


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@carolinacally @thegoldenpanda @wziminer

I've been thinking about what you said, and I keep coming up with dark-skinned black people being the most successful.

Not only Americans, but people successful in America.

Wesley Snipes, Grace Jones, Sade, Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Rock, Charles Payne, Al Roker, Kanye West, Cedric the Entertainer, Michael Jordan, Denzel Washington, Ursula Burns, David Steward, Robert L. Johnson, Childish Gambino...

The list is endless.

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"Tank" is too broad a term.

There are no federal regulations on owning one, as long as the main gun is "demilitarized."

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A Saturn V rocket is being projected onto the Washington Monument right now — 50 years later, to the day, post-launch of Apollo 11.
How Cool is that !!🚀

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