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For those of you familiar with Carlos Osweda's recent thread about the dustup with two trolls from Hell (or two Newsom protegés, if you will), I am pleased to inform you that he is in perfect condition, if slightly battered, and much better for wear than the two asshats who must have ended in a hospital.

He's looking forward to our Saturday chats.

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@Debradelai @bbhack @Elaines2cents

Exactly. Apple can EASILY unlock a locked iphone and bypass whatever security protocols are in place, I've witnessed the process firsthand. GETTING them to do it is like pulling teeth because they don't want anyone to know that they can or how to do it; they get the phone shipped to them, pretend to do something other than run a program that already exists hidden on the phone, then send it back. Fuck, they've ALWAYS had screenshare programs on the iphone.

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You are a generous woman.

Treason and sedition in times of war deserve the chair.

I'd give them the Rosenberg treatment.

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From @SidneyPowell

(1) The revelations of corruption by the FBI to intentionally frame @GenFlynn for crimes the FBI manufactured piles on with each new production of documents. Unequivocally, the documents prove the egregious extent to which those involved violated the constitutional rights of the National Security Advisor of the United States of America and a military hero, who put his life on the line for over three decades to preserve those very rights for every American citizen.

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For those of you pondering about the recently unsealed documents and the criminal actions we have been describing in painful detail for over two years now, remember this:

1. It goes all the way up the totem pole.

2. Without a subservient press, it would not have been possible.

Obama ordered.
Susan Rice Supervised.
Comey/McCabe/Strzok executed.

Mueller/Van Grack covered.

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"Radiation from fires that have torn through forests around Ukraine's defunct Chernobyl nuclear power plant poses "no risk to human health", the U.N. atomic agency said on Friday, based on data provided by Ukraine."

"based on data provided by Ukraine."

Let it sink in.

Boy, does that ease my mind!

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Wictor is right, by November these people will be running around wildly waving their arms and foaming from their mouths.

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So yesterday, I was chatting with my next door neighbor and her 10-yr-old daughter and mentioned that I had never hunted for Easter Eggs growing up- because it's just not a Passover thing. This morning, my neighbor texted me that her daughter had left a note on our door. So I got up and got the note. It said "There are five Easter Eggs hidden in your front yard." So hubby and I hunted for eggs this morning. I squealed every time we spotted one. I can now see why children love the tradition. Fun!

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Crozier thinks that we should send the crews home because "we are in peacetime", and states it on a communication sent over open systems, thereby undermining the deterrence capability of the ship under his command.

Yes, he was doubtlessly promoted beyond his level of incompetence.

Look for him next year as a geopolitical expert at MSLSD.

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India bans exports of chloroquine to ensure a supply for its citizens.
France implements its use in the treatment of COVID19.

Hundreds of successful programs around the world.

And this idiot Democrat with TDS issues an executive order forbidding it's use for the treatment of COVID in Nevada.

Just like that idiot Cuomo tried in NY.

Leftism is a mental disease.

Gov. Steve Sisolak, a moron of Darwin Awards proportions.

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“The combination of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin to treat the coronavirus has not been proven safe and effective through large scale clinical trials,” says @ThomasWic 's favorite charlatan quack, Eugene Gu.

Notice how he emphasizes "large scale clinical trials". That's because there have only been small scale clinical trials of 40 to 100 patients, since there weren't that many patients to go around. 100% were completely virus free in 3-6 days. Hence promising.

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This goes beyond propaganda.

Buzzfeed the Pravda to the Democrat Socialist Komsomol, openly spreads falsehoods about chloroquinine in hopes of keeping up the Wuhan Sniffles hysteria.

This is terrorism, pure and simple.

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“A person died in our arms because we couldn’t get hold of oxygen.”

Socialist government healthcare at work.

When the truth about this charade comes out I hope they hang the bastards.

Especially those at the "Ministry of Social Welfare, Health and Equality".

Under Spanish Sociotards, all are "equal".

Equally screwed.

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All networks but FOX cut away from Wuhan Sniffles briefing today.

They know people won't buy their rotten fish if they hear the other bell.

Democrats and their propaganda minions live in fear of information.

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There's no doubt the market will make a quick recovery.

It is most likely it will be in about three weeks from now, give or take, as the world returns to normal.

It is, however, a fool's errand to predict a day by day play.

And only fools do it.

Desperate fools.

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