I'm so happy for John James, they stole the last two elections from him that he ran in.
BREAKING: Trump-endorsed Iraq War vet – John James wins Republican nomination for U.S. House in Michigan's 10th Congressional District.

72 hrs after receipt of predicted, coordinated "Hillary-plan" allegations, peter strzok

1) CHS-1 claims are debunked aka 'distracting'
2) CHS-2 broke FBI protocols aka 'misleading'
3) HFA coordinating messaging w/CHS-2
4) CHS-2 claims intended to "influence" aka 'misdirect'


Both CHS allegations were known by FBI, at the time of receipt and after CIA warning of "Hillary-plan", to be directly associated to Hillary Clinton Campaign:

CHS-Steele was known to be directly funded by HFA.

CHS-frontman-Sussman was known to be an HFA attorney.

12 days after the CIA warning, FBI Small Team simultaneously received coincidental written allegations from CHS's (Joffe/Steele) vilifying Trump with claims of illicit collusion with Russian intelligence/hackers to swing an election.

On Sept 7, 2016 the FBI received a CIA generated, specific warning of a Hillary Clinton-approved plan to "vilify Trump" based on claims of interference in US elections by "Russian hackers" "as a means of distracting".


The FBI's CHS Validation Standards Manual expressly warns of the importance of filtering attempts by CHS's to "distract, mislead or misdirect" the FBI on the opening page of the 'validation' manual.

The LYING from Biden and his Regime Serves Two Purposes,

1) They Think It Will Vindicate
Biden For His Failure With

2) For The Midterm Elections
because Democrats Have
Nothing To Run On.

LYING Is All Any Of Them Know How To Do, They LIE, LIE, LIE and Then LIE Some More.

How many times can one guy die?13 Nov 2020?
Aug 2, 2008?

Bin Laden's successor dies: al Qaeda leader Al Zawahiri died of natural causes.

Obama’s entire 8 years and now Joe Biden’s two years have simply been a decade-long effort to turn the government into a weapon against Republicans.

"Poll Workers are needed all over the country, Click on your state to apply".


The look when you realize that when you lift your skirt up for the Democrats and they reward you by remapping you out of your district, and now your whole thing is crying on live TV & hoping that CNN will give you an internship as Jeffrey Toobin's towel boy. 🤣

Adam Kinzinger is such a LOSER!

Who thought of this song when Joe Biden fell off his "Bicycle" ?🤣

Queen - Bicycle Race (Lyrics) youtube.com/watch?v=gWJ8_B9BVx

Thank You everyone for the Congratulations.🤗 ❤️

What do you do when your every institution has been weaponized against you? What do you do when there is a two-tier, no-justice system? What do you do when all the foundations of the system you thought we had have been eroded?


I Can't stand Miss.Piggy, I mean Dizzy Lizzy Cheney, she is pathetic!

"Megan Small, who was director of operations for the Trump campaign and was subpoenaed by the Jan. 6 Committee in September, published a Cheney campaign mailer on Twitter Monday requesting donations."

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