@ThomasWic absolutely mind blowing the pictures of Jeffrey Epstein’s father and Chuck Schumer and the link to Barbara Bush

@ThomasWic this Epstein thread is mind blowing — will share a Short YT video from Epstein’s interrogation 2007

@ThomasWic From twitter: appears to be Iranian footlockers full of US$, anyone think this could be drug money going back to Iran? twitter.com/ernie_plumley/stat

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So Pugh could be a preview of things to come over Obama's book deal and what is going to engulf Elijah Cummings?🤔

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Fun Fact: Nancy Pelosi's father was the Mayor of Baltimore who put up all the Confederate statues there.

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1. Interesting.

Not sure about you, but I'm sensing the beginning of real panic among leftists.

I just had a coffee with friends, all who are extremely wealthy liberals.

They're in a state of utter dismay, especially after the Mueller debacle. All the fire has gone out of them.

Out of ammo, they've become infants, resorting to playground name-calling, smears and using any opportunity they can to declare their superiority.

Anyone else noticing this?

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This is what Americans use.


As I keep saying, no war with Iran.

There's no need.


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If the companies running these ships had any brains at all they'd have installed just a couple bigger gun turrets in prime spots on deck and had 6 guys picking off the idiots rappelling to the deck.

The whole show would have been over and done in 10 minutes, 5 if they shot the chopper down.

Time to stop playing games with these retarded iranians.

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She is, and that's another reason she hates the Saudis and Emiratis.

They recognize the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.

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cc: @ThomasWic

ICYMI: Rep. Omar Ilhan condemns Saudia Arabia and UAE in interview with Al-Jazeera.

OMAR: "Our alliedship with Saudi Arabia and the Emirates is immoral. I believe that it is one of the most absurd alliedships; it doesn't fit with any of our values. When we think about what is in the interest of our national security, entrusting them to help us with that is like trusting a thief to watch over your shop."

Begins at the 19:15 mark in the linked video.


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I can't believe the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps put out this video.

It shows that they have zero capabilities. Everything is jury rigged.


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The machine gun is mounted WAY too low on the bow of the boat.

It's virtually useless for surface targets. The gunner will shoot his own boat if the bow is raised even slightly by the waves.

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A blue plastic porch chair, a rice cooker, and pink ribbon wrapped around the hoist used to lower the men.

The IRGC doesn't even have purpose-built assault helicopters.

This is a cargo aircraft that they modified with pink ribbon.

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Three Guardsmen landed in a pile.

Two men smashed the heads of the ones under them.

No skills whatsoever.

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@Cdubois @ThomasWic I remember you breaking down the incident for us when it first happened. Knowing now what I did not know then about Obama, this is blood curdling. What a bastard.

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Saul @Debradelai has published Part II of his series, on how Obama's goons targeted @GenFlynn .

It's another mind-blowing article on Obama's thugs in action, this time thru 2017.

Makes me sick to the stomach, that these arrogant SOBs are still free as birds.

Bottom line - don't have to agree with me, but if Trump doesn't punish these crooks, he loses my support. I'm sure MILLIONS have the same opinion. I

I'm sure POTUS Trump knows this & will come down hard on them.


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Judas goats.

I'm serious.

This entire leftist implosion is being orchestrated.

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(11) Whether the victim is a chickenshit moron like Nakoula Basseley Nakoula or a national treasure like General Michael T. FLynn, it actually makes no difference.

The notion that any of us, at any time, at the whim of a wannabe dictator like Obama or Clinton can have our lives destroyed for what we think or say...well...that's a different matter.

When our fate is in the hands of third rate paper pushers like Peter Strzok or Andrew McCabe...well, we are screwed.

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