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gotta say, i dont want handouts. i'd rather just not get mugged on taxes.

85 year old Canadian legend Don Cherry fired for not being politically correct. His "crime"? He called out Canadian immigrants for failing to honor the country’s fallen military veterans. The left is evil. foxbusiness.com/sports/don-che

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WTF??? 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

This is for their base...

With the impeachment announcement Trump's approval is up to 53%. I wonder how long it will take the Dems to realize they just stepped into another bear trap. I have no idea how this is going to unfold. But I know it's going to be fun and I know who wins. Trump!

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Yesterday I told you that the Taliban gave Trump the green light to absolutely massacre them.

Today, the president confirms it.


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I almost never watch any Democratic politicians, so when I do, I'm always struck by how utterly repulsive they are.

Also, I'm used to Trump now, so these canned speeches make me want to puke.

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@IndiaMaria @redwhitebluedude

Are people gloomy again?

Silly me.

What I meant to ask is, "Are people still taking their cues from wildly left-wing news sources and click-bait opportunists posing as conservatives?"

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It took the Democrats exactly one day to overreach so dramatically that their accusations of racism are now just background noise.

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Buck Sexton: "No emotionally stable person turns on fellow Americans after horrific shootings like this and takes any pleasure in casting blame on them because of political differences."

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Mind you, it's not just Victoria. Australia as a whole has lost its mind. This is Lauren Southern's encounter in Sydney, where she was not allowed to even walk near a large mosque. The policeman explains to her that she may cause an imminent breach of the peace so SHE may commit an offence. She was not allowed to walk down there. Mindboggling pretzel logic.

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Lawyers use "theories."

That's how they can sleep at night.

They do not accept the existence of objective truth.

Need a lift tomorrow morning to start your work week? This is what I will be waking up to. Not sure how I missed this until now... youtube.com/watch?v=gRTtkbtMIS

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Gotta love Thomas Wictor's take-no-prisoners blunt honesty.

If anyone missed @ThomasWic
takedown of NY Times yesterday, here's a link to the thread. We should re-run this every July 4th. 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

Oh, & it's readable by those outside the Quod. If you post this link elsewhere, be sure to brag.


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It's the same in every topic with banks: they care more about themselves than their customers, to the point of helping the thieves.


You can say cryptocurrency is a bad thing, but at least admit the environment in which it was born. If that never is solved, anything we say good about "credit cards" doesn't have much foundation.

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Finally: Every single non-communist business in USA gets targeted by banks, because some communist deep stater or activist someplace "encourages" the bank to drop those accounts. They then cannot use credit cards. If we don't have alternatives, the banks will think they can actually get away with this. For now, they realize they can't get away with it 100%, so they do it less.

If you make the punishment of crime less, you get more crime. Nixing crypto means more bank crime.

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