Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Beto O'Rourke, and Julian Castro announced today that Brett Kavanaugh "must be impeached," after a new, uncorroborated and disputed allegation of sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh surfaced in a weekend New York Times piece.

It should be noted that the "victim" in this case denies any knowledge of the alleged episode and the accuser is a Clinton operative.

Somebody's trying to sell a book.



All they've done is get people speculating on why Kavanaugh is being attacked now.
Some twitter guesses:

1. Have some "top" dems been warned that there may be one less liberal judge on SC soon

2. Are they desperate to distract from what gets exposed by the IG report

3. Are they trying to de-legitimize a member and therefore the whole SC and rulings

After recent ruling, maybe the idea of losing their national injunction power (and favored way to block POTUS) added to their panic

@Bunniesmommy @NevadaJack

Some great points here. We know it's a lie, and I'm sure the *reasons* behind the lie will be exposed soon enough.

@Bunniesmommy @NevadaJack Then Iran bombed Saudi Arabia. Kavanaugh will be forgotten tomorrow. Obama should have gotten Iran on the hotline, and told them to behave for a week!🤔

@Bunniesmommy @NevadaJack

I think they're setting up a situation wherein certain 'blue' states IGNORE supreme court rulings.

@Bunniesmommy @NevadaJack RBG is worse than people know, and they are prepping the battlefield for the next SC appointment. My $0.02

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