"Trump's tweets have always been tailored to generate a gut response.The trick--and I admit it took me months longer than it should have to take this to heart--is to allow yourself a brief cooling down period, consider his target audience and their gut response...ask yourself what was the purpose of Trump's tweet, and did he achieve it. Do that, and you'll find that while Trump takes a lot of flak for his tweets, it's almost always because he's directly over his target."

@Bunniesmommy The Left fights with rhetoric - designed to trigger an emotional response in a public preconditioned by the captive Corporate Media.

Rhetoric can only be countered by better (more truth-based) rhetoric - reasoned argument is not effective with the vast majority of people (one reason why "conservatives" always lose). Trump understands this - the conservative establishment does not. Their multi-million dollar think tanks and "free enterprise" platitudes are worthless.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.