I wanted to tell you, too, that your work is beautiful. I knit and crochet and know how much work and love you put into them. Of course, I especially love the patriotic design. You're very talented!

@Darabrab @Bunniesmommy

It is insane. I have to take a few days off now and then. These people here are addicting, though! So much more than politics, too. It helps. Glad you're home.


Thanks for noticing, Kathy. Yes, all is fine (relatively speaking in today's world). I decided my stress level needed a bit of a break from politics but found it didn't really make a difference as there's no escaping what's going on. So... I'm back in the fray because I missed my QV friends!

I have however, upped my morning coffee intake before checking on the state of the world each day. It helps.


@Darabrab @Bunniesmommy

BTW, how are you?! I haven't seen you here in some time. I hope all is well.

Thanks for the update .. glad to hear all is well. I've been thinking of and praying for both of you.


Hip, hip, hooray!!!! Please give her an extra snuggle and love from Aunt Kathy! She's so beautiful!


These 'progressive' weirdos always overplay their hand and push things to where you can no longer agree with them


What they don't realize is "who" are posting their pictures lol

@Bunniesmommy Glad to see the beautiful bunny is doing much better and coming along well!😊🐇❤️

Miss Floppy Pirate and I just celebrated with pizza 🍕🐇! She had a vet visit to remove her stitches and the vet was extremely pleased with her progress. She does want Miss Floppy to wait until Monday though before her reunion with her furry buddies.

Best part for both of us - NO MORE MEDS! 🎉

Christina Pascucci

LAPD just posted this photo of people protesting tonight. People are messaging me, asking how this is allowed, with no social distancing, when hours ago Governor @GavinNewsom said we shouldn’t even see our family for a July 4th gathering this weekend, unless we live with them.

9:23 PM · Jul 1, 2020


Twitter just removed this photo from @realdonaldtrump's twitter page. Everyone retweet it.

9:40 PM · Jul 1, 2020

picture on left

Donald J. Trump

2:59 PM · Jun 30, 2020

picture on right displayed now

Rising serpent 

People upset at the St Louis couple for defending their property would do well to realize that the mayor of Seattle razed an entire country to the ground because people came into her home.

12:13 AM · Jul 2, 2020


You can bet that Joe Biden doesn’t even write his own tweets.

They don’t make rotary phones for that.

11:38 AM · Jul 1, 2020

Art TakingBack 

Rioters are begging people to stop posting videos of riots cause they are getting arrested 😂 🤣

6:29 PM · Jun 30, 2020

"...Flynn was telling the truth and Mueller’s team was lying — both to the court and to America. The <DOJ> is seeking to right that wrong...by dismissing the criminal charge...
Flynn now faces a new foe in Judge Sullivan, who to date has refused to grant the government’s motion to dismiss. The newly released transcripts should cause...judge to realize the error of his way and immediately dismiss the charges. If he refuses, the D.C. Circuit may force his hand soon."


Thanks you all for your support of our fight for justice for General Flynn. He has been effectively exonerated now. It's just a matter of time before it's dismissed.

@Bunniesmommy @JM @HectorHeathcote @prchrskd

I had posted a photo of a cat that had caught a bunny to represent Mnuchin's natural hunting instincts. Someone pointed out it could be disturbing. I am pretty sure I took it down because it was unnecessary to the point, and I am fond of my Quod correspondents. All is well. A new day.

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