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A 17-year-old "social media influencer" was just murdered by a 21-year-old fellow influencer.

He killed her with a knife in his car and then posted the photos.

There was almost no reaction in the comments. Just "WTF" and "RIP."

YOUR reaction is normal. I've watched only one beheading video, just to prove that another one was fake.

Too many young people today are utterly abnormal in their reactions to suffering.

John Ocasio-Nolte

In one easy move Trump made those hideous racist women the face of the Dem Party and has maneuvered theDems and media to side with terrorist appeasers, Jew haters and America haters.

So much fun to watch.

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"This post is just about the term "The Squad."...
Consulting Urban Dictionary, I can see that the use of the term could be experienced as racist: "Crew, posse, gang: an informal group of individuals with a common identity and a sense of solidarity. The term is a bit flashy and is more likely to be heard in hip-hop lyrics than in spoken conversation"/"A word overused by teenagers that think they're ghetto to describe their clique of friends"..."


"Such is the state of modern liberalism that it sees oppression even in efforts to clean up voter rolls by removing those who’ve moved or died, as required by federal law.
...That news comes from the nonpartisan Election Integrity Project California, which just released a report claiming nearly 1 million registered Golden State voters are actually ineligible."


"The Committee clearly knows that under long-standing, bipartisan precedent founded in the Constitution, a President’s senior advisers cannot be compelled to appear before Congress. Immunity has been asserted for Ms. Conway, which the Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel and White House Counsel strongly reaffirmed. This constitutional protection ensures that future Presidents of the United States can effectively execute their responsibilities of the Office."



You bet.

And Americans who've never heard of the Squad will now research them and say, "THESE are members of Congress?!"

One of them said yesterday that black people are not welcome in the party unless they "think like black people."


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I spent years helping people clear their names.

It paid off in that now they help me defend myself.

Lunatics who threaten me learn that it's easy to locate and identify them.

What happens after that is their choice.

This is ridiculous.

How is social-media censorship turning people against Trump?

The answer is, it's not.

Look at his rallies.

Leftists think Big Tech will save them. That's what Trump wants them to think.

Besides, people like jim Hoft and Laurea Loomer are not genuine Trump supporters, so I don't see a need for him to help them.


"The nation's millennials (and many Gen Zers) thought they were finally satisfied, having consumed millions of dollars' worth of tide pods, and having snorted a "literal ton" of condoms. For a short while, they felt they were finally content in their need to seek wild thrills by performing potentially fatal activities.
...They've reportedly turned to a new "wacky challenge"...: charging a fortified military base."


Babylon Bee satire 😉

The Spectator Index

Do you believe President Trump is racist?


69,263 votes · Final results

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I've lost count of how many times I've been doxxed.

People know that if they show up here, they die.

Simple as that.

Wow! Trump got Pelosi to pass a resolution supporting the radicals! President Trump is tripling down and now people are going to go searching for all the radical things that they said and were hidden by the MSM.

8. NONE of the attacks on Trump are working anymore. They play to people who hate Trump already and don't persuade independents.

PLUS, Trump will continue to hammer away at the Dems, as well as throw out baits to them, with twitter and in other ways, fomenting division and civil war within the Dem ranks.

It will be interesting to see what happens. After this repudiation of her authority, Pelosi will presumably give us an indication in the next 24/36 hours.

The end.


My brother and I are getting junk phone calls every three minutes today. The phones are ringing off the hook.

The Democrats sold our unlisted phone numbers as a form of harassment and intimidation.


Trump still wins in a landslide.


Another satirical murder.

Here's what the murderer wrote that isn't reported in this article:

"Sorry f*ckers, you’re gonna have to find somebody else to orbit. Remember to subscribe to Pewdiepie. Should be a few articles within a days. Have fun."

We're going to have to shut down all these forums. Now there's no doubt.



BuzzFeed are horrible people!!! If they dox him, I pray that it comes back at them ten-fold!

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The fun ones I have retweeted, but I would just put a comment with a retweet 'that it not real but, still would love to see him tweet something like it." 😁

@Bunniesmommy @ValleyControl @EngOnDemand

That one is also fake, look at the profile pic, (frame) it's square, not round.
And his shirt (which is white) doesn't show in his original profile pic...a tiny sliver of it does, but not like the fake profile shot. 😊
And all letters in capital, another clue. 😃

Pelosi fell into Trump's trap.

Now the Democrats must embrace the Smiling Somali and her ilk.

Polling shows that the voters view AOC as the face of party, and AOC has a 22 percent favorability rate.

The Smiling Somali has a 9 percent favorability rate.

Trump just goaded Pelosi into alienating all sane Americans.


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