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Everyone can get a free jab here.
A week ago I got flu symptoms, got Ivermectin 10x3mg from a pharmacy. And I feel healthy again. Wanted to get more today, just to have on hand. Every single pharmacy asked for a prescription.
Are they afraid for the cure?

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I would like to do a thread on the miracle drug hydroxychloroquine. I've been holding off on commenting about it too much because at this point, it is still really a question mark. It also seems to be a topic similar to the covid vaccines that ruffles a lot of feathers. There's a lot of misconceptions on both sides of the political spectrum and I am hoping I Can deliver some facts to clear up some hysteria.

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“I thought big tech was the problem…whether you call it India, China, Fauci, just all the big pharma all put together, they control everything, they touch everything, they touch every issue that we’re talking about from Covid to Afghanistan…” — @adam #noagenda 1342

Not to mention “healthcare” which is anything but about your health.

If Z won't pull the trigger, expect rogue unit to attack or another false flag by UKR to set things off. The only way to end this war is by liberating Kiev from foreign masters who are willing to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian. Donbass is ready, and so are our friends. It will be a tough fight, but we will liberate Ukraine

. I was at the Front today - heard and saw several gun and artillery battles. March 15th attack date probably came and went because Zelensky and UKR Generals and soldiers refused to commit the suicidal war crime of attacking Donbass and Crimea. Which explains neo-nazi riots against Presidential Office in Kiev on March 20th. New date supposedly set for April 15th.

All three moving major amounts of troops and military equipment into combat positions, including along Ukraine / Crimea border

A very serious and tense situation. Both Ukraine and DPR are calling up reserves. US and NATO Generals are on the ground in Ukraine right now. The US ship unloading Humvees in Odessa is real, but just a distraction. US, Turkish and other NATO heavy cargo military planes landing daily in Ukraine. Donbass Republics, Ukraine and Russia all on high alert.

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“This is exactly how it works: you lie about Black Lives Matter, then you intimidate by shaming people, then you dominate them. That’s the system, that’s how the victimhood works!” — @adam #noagenda 1329

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This speech is so relevant today with the explosion of the internet and Facebook.

In 1976, the issue was TV.

Today the problem has expanded to "Social Media". Turn it all off.

2:32 - 2:46 the most prophetic piece of scripted dialogue ever written in regards to media.

This movie is a satire on tv broadcasting but I'll be damned if those words didn't come true in real life.

Howard Beale in "Network"

Outcry to the world, from Israel.
Please TooT around.
Ilana Rachel Daniel explains what happening right now.

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The FACTUAL praise they had for Trump.

The moral of the story is that you can't believe ANYONE unless they back it up with facts.

People who don't do their own research are worse than useless. They're stupidity vectors.

We're at peak dumbassery right now.

But It's being handled. The FACT is that nothing about the "post-Trump" era is normal.

He's still calling the shots.

Legally and constitutionally.

Just because it's never happened before DOES NOT mean it can't happen.


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In Arabic it's a small change from Petra to Mecca.
It seems prayers are not in the right direction.

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What most fail to see is that there is no un-rocking the boat. No putting people back to sleep. It WILL play itself out.

Trump didn't start a war with China. He ESCALATED the one they started with us long ago.

Likewise, Trump didn't start a war with the leftists, globalists, tech giants, media, corporate interests, etc, - he ESCALATED the one they started AND were quietly winning over us.

And because he rocked that boat, their answer of rocking it even more means that WE WILL WIN.

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History of hydroxycloriquine. Pacific theater of war ww2. Troops infected with malaria. Natives offered a local brew made from bark of certain tree. Nasty as hell, but it worked. Troops tried to kill taste by mixing it with Gin. The drink- Gin and tonic. Tonic was quinine. Pills developed. Chemistry turns quinine to chloroquine. Safer upgrade turns into hydroxycloriquine.

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For @MarieGreen

You wrote:

"Oh dear how to break this gently to Oxford...

Definition of fascism noun from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary
fascism noun

an extreme right-wing political system or attitude that is in favor of strong central government and that does not allow any opposition"

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