QuodVerum is about hanging out online with very intelligent, often hilarious & interesting human beings.

It's a weird world of outrage out there, these days. We like FACTS. We need each other, like a boat needs an anchor.

We tend to share the same perspective, but we also argue. We are very well informed, but also CURIOUS.

Bottom line - we are stronger together, than as individuals. What a shame we aren't meeting up in person, regularly.

Just sayin'


The end.

@REX @Debradelai Yes!

Yesterday I talked about politics, cats and dogs, and Anne Lister. And every single time it was respectful, engaging, and sometimes hilarious.

QV is a breath of fresh air.

@umad80 @REX @Debradelai. And I talked holsters, pets & food. Everyone one here are nice & normal.

@DonnaLea @umad80 @REX @Debradelai Quodverum is like a box of chocolates.... Sorry 😐 I’m in Savannah and that felt appropriate for this! 😜


@masterblaster @Elizabethqe20 @DonnaLea @umad80 @REX @Debradelai

I'm jealous, probably not a single quod around for at least a couple or more hundred miles. But at least SQV lets us interact. One fine group of people here.

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