Trump leading the RNC as the party of the family and the American dream...just can't be beaten.

TDS and Dimm mentality of *polar opposition* by necessity requires Dimms to argue against Trump by saying:

"America sucks"
"I'm ashamed and embarrassed for the US"
"We are horrible"

That is a LOSING mentality and dangerous to the core ethic of the independent, American "can do" attitude.

That is a weakness exploited by foreign interests.

Keep winning, and 2020!


@zetetic These people cannot stand prosperity. To them big government is the saviour. And the fact they can't stand someone else helping the masses. They will not and more importantly CANNOT change. Just more of the same vote for me and I will help you bullshit. Oh that makes me furious, but their attitude won't change. They are so miserable.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.