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Just got off the phone, escalated the issue. Now it's working...for how long???? I haven't been able to watch videos here, except in the mornings...grrrrr!

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Haha am enjoying y’all’s conversation here. Gotta bunch today, but maybe in another thread sometime. Just remember this, a Cajun will eat any damn thing. Ever listened to any of Justin Wilson. Hilarious stuff.

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@Buddy @masterblaster @watspn1013 @jaygerardstout

You got that right! Anything!

I haven't turned down much, but at a boucherie (pig roast) I just couldn't do chittlins (chitterlings)

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@watspn1013 @jeauxy @jaygerardstout
Tony Chacherie’s and Slap yo Mama on scrambled eggs,no that and Community coffee kicks your morning off.
With you on Gar fish. The one at the Aquarium might be 140. The sharks avoid him

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That's the way Ieaning as well Saul.

Giuliani is way too smart and experienced to be played by a shyster like Parnas.

Plus, Parnas has more incentive to co-operate with DOJ / Trump for a deal, than he has to co-operate with Schiff & Pelosi. He may be a crook but I suspect he can separate winners from losers.

Let's see what happens.

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You must verify your signature with the link that will be sent to you at the email address you enter on the petition.

The White House will not count your name if you don't do so.

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Is this "proof" similar to the "proof" he still has implicating POTUS in Russian collusion?

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I'm sure that will come in the report to the FISC. Horowitz states he was referred for prosecution but FISC wants a specific report on the actions by DOJ.

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Drove to Dallas yesterday and had a good laugh on 635. Can't believe people drive a car with that sticker.

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This is so wrong.


California's War on Gig Work Falls Hardest on Women

California’s Assembly Bill 5 has already had an adverse impact on the state's freelance writers, approximately 2/3 of whom are women.

California’s progressives decided to wage war on the nightmare of being your own boss. A new state law aimed at limiting the gig economy has already cost hundreds of people their jobs—and had a seriously harmful impact on women’s earnings and long-term happiness.

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That openly admit ti being pussies! This is what we are up against. I’m so frightened! 😆

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Trump will take the stand and explain why he said the whole thing is a hoax and a witch hunt.

That means his lawyers will present evidence that he's correct.

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You're a godly person.

Can't you feel it?

Don't you already KNOW what's going to happen?

Five different people I know--me included--had terrible nightmares last night.

We were feeling the spiritual tectonic plates shift.

And now, Trump will finish the job that God called him to do.

All IS well.

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I saw this early this morning while waiting for my husband to get out of surgery. The entire lobby stopped to watch it. I think we all were just watching with our mouths hanging open.

I've never seen anything like this. This dog deserves a medal of honor 🐶


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William Barr said in an interview yesterday that John Durham likely won’t be done with an investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia probe for “quite a few months.”

He said that he has not given Durham a timeline to complete the investigation, which is focused on the FBI and CIA’s investigation and intelligence-gathering related to Trump campaign associates and dismissed speculation that the probe will be over any time soon.


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There. Trump plan confirmed.

"Graham said he believes the Senate trial will include the House Democratic impeachment managers presenting their case, followed by a defense presented by Trump’s lawyers. Then, the Senate can vote without hearing from witnesses."

Trump is the DEFENDANT. Not a witness.

He'll take the stand.


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