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Thank you Saul for having me on your program.

Thank you all for allowing me into your homes...

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@umad80 @Debradelai
The only conspiracy theory I entertain has to do with pie crust and the weather... I solved the problem with vodka... after three shots of vodka I don't give a sh:t the weather and couldn't roll out pie crust at that point if my life depended on it πŸ˜… πŸ˜‚ 🀣

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I'm old. I think they were 5 cents in the mid 60s.
Sorry, can't remember how much the Pony Express charged me. πŸ˜‰

If I recall correctly, you could mail a simple postcard for a penny, or maybe 2 cents. (In the 60s.)

I remember being old enough to mail letters in the my cousins, my dad, my grandparents. I'm sure it was a nickel.

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Just spoke with @EliMGold

All of us are doing what we can. It's a hectic time to try and save as many of our people abandoned by Biden.

He will come in briefly to the VIP Room tomorrow to share some information with us.

Hope you guys can attend.

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I saw someone (not here, because they'd be reported immediately) say that what's happening in Afghanistan is nothing compared to what happened on November 3rd.

If you have the unmitigated gall to say such a thing, you need your life re-examined. And your head. If there is anything even in that empty skull.

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A multicolor world is not born of desire.

China and Russia, with a combined GDP lower than California and Texas, are not superpowers.

Despite their efforts, the US is the ONLY great power in the world, and will resume its role as such after a brief hiatus.

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People who now tear their clothes, throw ash on their faces and wail about the fate of women and girls in Afghanistan are the worst hypocrites.

They should have supported the war effort.
They should have supported the military efforts of the US and its allies.

Now, their years of bullshit pseudo-pacifist rants are going to bring their fruit, women and girls be damned.

Worse when the new batch of terrorists ventures forth to our land.

Don't cry for them girls of Afghanistan.

Cry for us.

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It is terrible to watch as their disintegration causes so much misery and suffering. But they cannot stop it any more than they can stop the tide coming in.

This nihilism is purely destructive - destruction and hatred for its own sake. It is accelerating.

The left do not understand and have rejected clarity of thought, rationality, love of truth, lessons from history and objectivity. We need to know that and make use of it. Powerful weapons

@Zemeliko @KMGGaryde @joebennett @pma05

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Speculating on the possibility of armed conflict in the US is as sterile as it is counterproductive.

The risk of crossing the line from idle speculation to promotion of such cretinous line of action, real.

Perhaps is time for some of us to think twice before indulging and watch carefully how they word their rants.

Advocating sedition, civil war or the toppling of the government is not permitted here.

Use your freedoms wisely.

Most of the breakthrough cases that I know about, people I know, had very few issues like headaches, very low fever if any, loss of tastes and smell and felt more like a seasonal cold or allergy or even sinus infection. Very few medications and usually were over the counter pain killers and fever reducers.

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I will get excited when the deaths are put into perspective

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@timr @Zemeliko @KMGGaryde @joebennett @pma05

Shortly after the election, Saul tooted about the importance of focusing on the future.

Many took his advice.

Some did not.

Their loss.

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@Karl_W_Braun @Debradelai

I love how people always--ALWAYS--position themselves as the grim bearers of bad news.

Since I have a Wells Fargo bank account AND two Wells Fargo credit cards, I'm not worried about Zelle.

I popped in, and now I must leave again.

Blame the stench of gutlessness and defeatism that now pollutes this place.

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Say a prayer I got a call The grand fell off a quad I just got to the ER she’s in for a CAT scan. She came by ambulance.πŸ™πŸ»

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@TheRogue_Elf: "This is someone hiring within Asheville, NC and damn, these are the people 'claiming' they need work [screenshots]"

(H/T @AscheSchow RT )

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