if people did a bit of research on all the foundations and funds hijacked by obama/ soros /rinos / @StateDept it becomes apparent how we the people have been hijacked for decades

is no longer a relevant group in foreign affairs, they have destroyed their own credibility, if they dont serve the president, they dont serve america

@Cernovich: "2015.

>@nytimes: 'Joe Biden's anticorruption message in Ukraine is undermined by his son's business connections'"


"How can President Trump be ‘at odds with foreign policy’ when he’s the one who determines it?”


I honestly had no idea that the State Department was more than 50% CIA/Intelligence positions. Maybe I should've know but was shocked to learn that the other day.

Soros owns/owned the State Department.

All right then.

it is.

They think they can silence real journalists who expose corruption & illegal human organs sales by criminal organizations like Planned Parenthood?

They're wrong.


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