Trump just brought up that 572 people were murdered in Chicago last year. Looks like a photo op for Al Sharpton in Chicago.

Bernie Sanders "Trump is a pathological liar, I tell the truth."
😂 😂 😂 😂 🤣 😆

Debate so far.
Health care problems=Repubs fault
Immigration+Border= Trumps fault
Gun deaths= NRA's fault

Here is the thread by Kyle (@hnijohnmiller) on twatter about Assange.

He is absolutely destroying people in comments too

If I remember correctly you had a thread on twatter about Leftist and their fake smiles. This reminded me of that.

Just finished my shift at the hospital. Now it beer 🍻 thirty! Lets have a successful “ Michael Flynn Friday” Buy Mike a Beer. Donate the cost of a beer to support our hero!

Julian Assange : narcissist, nihilist and anarchist.

He HAS been treated poorly by the UK.

However, he has ALSO been responsible for the leak of incredibly classified information. The Vault 7 release was deliberately aimed at damaging the US.

This guy is no lover of democracy and 'truth'. He wants to burn the west down, one leak at a time. America is his #1 target. I won't mourn his extradition to the US one bit.

I have a question for the people who have been to a President Trump rally. Roughly how soon do you have to get there to get in?

"It’s bad enough that the state is waging a war on small businesses with red tape and high taxes, but now it’s taking the campaign nationwide."

Trump rally Michigan.

Drug prices have seen their 1st decline in 46 years.

Trump rally Michigan.
The Democrats must decide if they want to defraud the public with bulshit.😂

Trump rally Michigan.
Trump tells crowd they must be held accountable.

Raw on Twitter !!!!

Trump = Clean

Deep state gonna feel the pain ..
Its Trump Time and you leftists are going to get red pilled hard ..

Many will BE Trump supporters before 2020 !!


Tweet from ABC News:

How Andrew Yang could win the 2020 Democratic primary—and the challenges he could face. Via @FiveThirtyEight:

Here you go. Proof that Rand Paul is:

(a) A complete and utter moron, and
b) Functionally illiterate.

Somebody explain to him that the President has the authority by law to declare a national emergency.

Alas, Congress can always terminate it.

This imbecile confuses the legitimate use of statutory power with Obama's notorious abuse of executive power (i.e. changing provisions of law by executive order).

Or, maybe, he wants caravans just as he wants a nuclear Iran.

Tweet from GOP:

According to data from @realDonaldTrump’s rally last month, nearly a quarter of those who attended did not vote in the past 4 elections.

A growing number of Americans are taking notice of President Trump’s accomplishments!

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