I would say Boris Johnson accepting Huawei involvment in UK 5G in the face of US Huawei derangement syndrome is pure theatre. This will show how Boris is his own man and will 'defy' The Donald if he wishes to. It means when the US/UK trade deal is announced Boris can't be accused of being Trump's poodle. Chlorinated chicken anybody?

Watch Imam Tawidi's tweets about the Soleimani situation. He is exposing his agenda and losing some of his subtelty


I've noticed President Trump is speaking much more fluently in press conferences now. It seems he is in 'predator' mode, the verbal stumbling of the obfuscation and misdirection phase is over. Thor's hammer is dropping with pre-planned clarity.


Hopkins is rock solid, never wavering.

No question about it.

Same with Marine LePen.

Perhaps Boris has taken them into his confidence. They all bat for the same side: freedom.

Okay I tell you what I predict (guess). Boris doesn't want an election now, he will be beholden to the Brexit party, he needs to leave EU before an election then the Tory faithful will return to the fold bigly. He plans to leave with no deal. He has top legal advice no deal Brexit can't be stopped. If I'm right we are witnessing a massive MILDEC type deception, the greatest since the Normandy landings. If I'm wrong....

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Surely Boris has a five card trick up his sleeve. He is certainly playing the part of a seriously wounded politician to perfection. Katie Hopkins very quiet. Maybe she is in the know. Or is she wavering like many.
Heat wave forecast this weekend, 80F, yay!

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Parliament prorogued, at last. Ridiculous scenes as the Opposition MPs tried to prevent this, singing their Marxist songs completely alienating ordinary folk looking on. So what will Boris do? Is everything going to plan? Is this Trumpian proportion misdirection and Sun Tzu. The whole Tory rebellion and loss of majority was easy to predict. So was the refusal to hold an election.

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When Dominic Cummings supposedly leaked last week that Brexit negotiations were a farce I suspected disinformation, with the opposite probably true. I expect Donald Trump was cracking EU heads together at the G7...All hail The Donald!!!

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Guy Verhofstadt EU deputy commisioner has stated the EU wants Britain to have an election and won't offer an extension to Brexit, which would completely derail Parliaments nasty new law revoking no deal and forcing a Brexit extension request. Looks like Boris has done a secret deal with the EU!

So peeps what is Boris gonna do? He certainly looks savaged and deflated. Is this Churchillian level subterfuge or Megan Merkle oscar worthy acting ( I jest of course). Maybe, maybe the EU & Boris, with a little help from Trump, have already agreed to no Brexit extension thus no deal will come to pass despite Parliament's directive. On leaving, a new free trade deal can be agreed and enacted. Everybody happy.....ish.
What say you?

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A case of Sun Tzu, 'appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak. If your enemy is secure at all points, be prepared for him. If he is in superior strength, evade him. If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him.'
Did Boris fail to anticipate Corbyn refusing an election? or is he hiding a killer manoeuvre...maybe a vote of no confidence in his own government?!

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So Boris is on the ropes! His brother quits the government, max embarrassment, Corbyn refusing an election (quelle surprise), Boris in press conference in front of wall of police people (familiar scene!) quotes, 'would rather die in a ditch' than be sent to Brussels by Parliament to surrender sovereignty. Or is he just rope--a-dopeing?

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So now we have a Parliamentary stalemate, Boris doesn't have to bring a deal to the house to vote on, which is why he kept saying removing the backstop was prerequisite for talks, gives him a reason not to. Corbyn can delay but not stop Brexit. The only way to break this deadlock is with an election,

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...which Corbyn doesn't want as he will lose. But, the political pressure will be overwhelming to have an election...without any Tory remainers winning seats, Brexit majority will prevail, game, set and match. Is Boris this clever or am I delusional?

So Boris Johnson has flushed out the Tory remainers to vote against their own party and allow Boris to 'remove the whip' meaning they can't stand in the next election for the Conservative party. So this apparent defeat for the government regarding 'no-deal' removal will pave the way for ultimate Brexit victory. Very Trumpian tactics, very cunning, I could be wrong of course but there's good reason Boris and Trump are always on the phone!

I wonder if this 'trade war' with China is already settled and playing out to appear to force Xi to concede to crazy foreigner Trump whilst saving face. Trump gets to play the good guy v bad guy and win. Just like N. Korea in fact. Come to think of it, is anything actually real anymore? AOC certainly isn't? The mad Mullahs are but they seem to be following a script they can't escape. But, hey, they do have secret 'very accurate rockets' so I guess Trump doesn't have a chance.....tee hee.

CNN’s Don Lemon Sued For Allegedly ‘Vigorously Rubbing His Genitalia’ Then Sticking His Fingers in a Man’s Face.
Is this a white supremacist gesture?

Mr. Trump say,
'The United States is learning much from the failed missile explosion in Russia. We have similar, though more advanced, technology. The Russian “Skyfall” explosion has people worried about the air around the facility, and far beyond. Not good!'
Which means Russia are bigger bullshitters than Iran, plus Trump is a James Bond fan.

So, Epstein arrested for old sex crimes, no warning, refused bail, tons of evidence reported in press. I'm sure Jeff knew pedo rings were being rolled up and his time was up. He would also know Trump 'the incorruptable' was behind it. From untouchable billionare with extraordinary lifestyle to shithole dweller forever. Definitely a suicide! Only question is, did he bribe jail folk to look the other way or did he just wait his chance.

Difficult to argue against keeping guns from the mentally ill. But, when you watch 'One flew over the cuckoo's nest'....

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