Four fatal flaws in the Democrat strategy since 2016:

- they don't understand that many (most) Trump fans support him precisely because he is neither a Republican, or a Democrat

- they wrongly assume that the post Trump USA is best understood by using the frame of the pre-Trump USA world (Democrats vs Republicans, a sleeping population, all powerful media)

- they underestimate the smarts of ordinary people and overestimate their own

- they overestimate their own influence & support



Not sure where this fits in your list but they have another strategy of covering up mistakes due to both corruption & a lack of understanding as to how government works.

Carlos Osweda's (TW) thread on government operations morons:

@hnijohnmiller 's thoughts on government focus on cover-ups instead of governing:

@BlizzyBuzz Carlos puts it down the way we think it! Love it.

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