All of them have 20 mins or so of background bio info, so give it a chance, you need to know the boy that became the man.

I always enjoy veterans day. I like to go to the local grocery store which puts on a breakfast for all the veterans, and listen to the stories from the veterans before my time. Some of them are true Some of them are embellished I mean hell we all want to be General Patton and Chesty Puller when we enlisted. To ride with Roosevelt in Cuba, or to be a Spartan. If you listen enough times you can pick out the soft spoken words of truth that leaves you wondering what the rest of the story is.

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In Brian Stelters defense, even his libido plummets when he looks in a mirror naked.

Have you ever noticed that no female to male trannies ever choose the Brian Stelter look?

Would someone be so kind as to tell me what to put in this box so I could respond to slag. @Blackebob, does not get me anywhere.

Was it Politically Incorrect for me to tell her I think she crapped her pants.

Ebay, the latest account I have permanently deleted.

I have to ask myself, were the house case managers the only ones stupid enough to raise their hands when asked for volunteers, or did they think they were actually the cream-of-the-crop when they were picked to go. First thing stands out in my mind is, you just got chosen to stand next to representatives, Eric Swallow, Michelle OBomber, and I picked a baboons ass for my hair style.

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Wishful thought: “The clerk will read the question from Senator Cruz.”

Clerk: “Is it true or not true that military intelligence captured in real time the votes of November 4th for the presidential election?”

First time I have ever heard the term Ex President.

Only great one liner on LV tonight


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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.