EXCELLENT article regarding the realities of Solar Power..

How Greenpeace’s Dream Of A Solar-Powered Village Fell Apart In Just A Few Years

So Greenpeace funded solar energy project in India has become completely defunct just years after it was built. They learned the hard way that the cost of Solar power is far greater than their traditional coal and far FAR less reliable..

This is the future for loony stately like CA and others banking on Solar & alt. Energy..

Well written article, thanks for tooting.
Not surprised at all.


If they want solar to be as viable as they want, solar has a long way to go.


I'd go so far as to say that in MOST cases, Solar is a viable SUPPLEMENTAL source of energy...cases where it's primary are for when there are really no viable traditional sources, such as on an island, in space, on Mars or the Moon...

Solar is great as an add-on, such as the new panels being made transparent and put on skyscraper windows, etc. but you still need stability, and we do it with our fossil fuels cleaner and better than most anyone else..

But these people want it to replace fossil fuel, not happening now or the near future. Perhaps in a very very distant future.


Correct! Here in CA, we're already seeing the effects of the overly-aggressive Alt Energy push - some of the highest electric bills in the nation, more and more frequent brown-outs, and most recently, the electric companies have been both cutting the subsidies for power sent back to the grid from excess home power generation AND they've created new billing to solar homes connected to the grid (not the full battery, off-grid) as the cost to cover non-solar homes is increasing.

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Solar power is bullshit. Maybe, someday, it won't be bullshit. But right now it is bullshit.

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They have to figure out a way to harness the energy from the sun better and more reliably. It looks like we have to go to space more to do that.


"Meanwhile, build more nuke plants."

In theory that's great, but the costs for start-up / maintenance are really high and then there's that whole proliferation of nuclear materials thing...


@BirdDog @redwhitebluedude

Modern nukes are awesome.

Finland has a gigantic new one coming on line.

Many of our naval vessels are nuclear powered.

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"Fossil Fuel" is just another misnomer as saying it came from dinosaurs.

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"Sustainable" only for 10-15 years. Then you have to do it all over again along with a new roof because all the hardware to keep them up there won't support the new ones.

As long as the Earth's core is actively smelting new material from all of the moving plates, it will provide the sustainability the oil companies are desperate to not make known.


Correct! I would assert that new science in deep-mine projects are the cleaner wave of the future, using your aforementioned geothermal energy as a source for power..

4,100 Feet Underground, Scientists Test a Unique Geothermal Energy System



This is a common problem with any infrastructure projects in the third world. It’s one thing to build the project. Another thing entirely to operate and maintain it.

I’ve seen tons of these elephant carcasses in Africa and the Middle East.

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