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1/ Thanks to many on this forum, I've discovered a newfound love for political history and have been delving into the past to try and find both commonalities as well as solutions to the problems we've been facing here in the US lately.

Take a look at this guy - Václav Havel
Former President of Czechoslovakia & then the Czech Republic from '89-03

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This is pretty heavy read, but interesting none the less..


The author goes into a deep dive that deconstructs much of the initial failings to identify motives /concepts and simplifies the Woke ideology as a “world purificationism.”

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This is 9yrs old but it happens to be Legal Brilliance encapsulated in a ~45 min. video..

Don't Talk to the Police

Law Professor James Duane gives startling reasons why you should always exercise their 5th Amendment rights when questioned by government officials.

The 2nd half of the vid has a Virginia Beach Police Office detail the perspective from the Cops' point of view when questioning subjects.

This is great info for younger adults just leaving the nest as well..

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Thread - "Super Straight"

1/ So I've just learned about a fledgling movement that started recently called Super Straight.

The term originated on TikTok on February 21st when user kyleroyce created a video titled "who else is super straight?" where he explained that he had been called trans-phobic for refusing to date trans-women and being attracted only to women who are born women, so now he made up a new sexuality called Super Straight.

Super Straight Movement

This may have gotten around already but hey..

At least 2 people dead, several shot at shopping mall in Copenhagen, suspect arrested: Police

I could have sworn all the Lefty Gun Control jackasses all said that shootings like this were exclusive to the US..

That said, many in social media have commented that it happened to be another ‘White’ man who was the shooter…

(In Denmark……..) 🙄

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Watching News,According to what they are saying a poll is showing "Most voters dont want Biden OR Trump in '24 " They just want to move on

We’ve heard on a number of occasions both Saul & Thomas mention that the Japanese, along with Korea and Australia, could do significant damage if not effectively neutralize the Chinese military.

Check this article out that was reprinted from 2018..

Japan’s Air Force Is Ready to Take on China

From an AirPower standpoint alone, Japan is fielding F15s and F35s (recent purchase) while China is using copies and poor replicas/copies of Russian and US planes..

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To join the QuodMeet, make sure your camera and mic work and wer earbuds/phones to avoid feedback.

Just click and follow instructions:

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This was in the local news the other day -

West Hollywood Democrats DEFUND Police, Hire Unarmed Security Guards Instead

In their unmitigated wisdom, the West Hollywood city council opted to pivot from hiring additional Sheriff’s deputies during a budget meeting to CUTTING funding and hiring unarmed security guards to patrol the city instead.

WHollywood is known for its very Gay/Alt lifestyle community - and this will throw that town into a further crime/death spiral.

No fatties on Dumbo..

Guest Calls Out Theme Parks, “Rides Aren’t Built For Fat People”

Seating sizes aside, most rides are developed after strict calculations are made of the physics forces applied to both the rides and riders to ensure things / people don’t break or fly off during operation..

So if yer a bit tall, short, or maybe 1 BigMac too wide for the ride, perhaps you should opt for something…safer.

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Any appeal to "green" shit loses me as a customer.

From "organic" and "natural" to free range and "environmentally safe" they can go fuck themselves. Sideways.

I want my high gluten, non-vegan food and I don't give a shit where was the hen that laid the eggs, as long as it is an egg.

In light of the upcoming “Red Wave”, there a number of nuggets of wisdom in this article -

The Democrats’ Dozen Dirty: Here Are the GOP’s Top Targets for the Midterms

The big takeaway is the GOP and voters focusing attention and monies on elections that matter, not blowouts in safe seats. The Establishment GOP is the biggest sinner in this bunch..

Trump’s been good about lending support & ❤️❤️❤️ where needed but the whole party needs to do it..

It’s all big grift to lessen your supply of coconuts..

ESG: How Corporations Are Using Environment Concerns to Scam You

So while the SEC is looking into larger corporations for their shadier ESG moves, I can’t help but also wonder how many less than honest product makers have adjusted their packaging to display ‘Green’ messaging while not really being environmentally friendly in any way (short of asking for more of YOUR green…).

A means to escape responsibility or defer to donor-class.

Democratic Rep Cast Most Of His Votes By ‘Proxy’ While Spending Tens Of Thousands On Travel And Events

Pelosi’s House authorized an emergency health policy in May 2020, letting members vote remotely — called “proxy” voting — as “a necessary and immediately feasible low-tech option” for those who cannot be physically present in the chamber; abused big time as of late.

The GOP needs to change that like yesterday..

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I can't handle one possible minute of thinking about Crooked Hillary campaigning again!


HRC and Biden share the common belief that they were both destined to be POTUS.

Biden accomplished that because Obama destroyed a generation of Dem. candidates.

HRC will want to accomplish it because Biden has destroyed about everything else in the party.

The Clintons came to DC in 1992 with the plan to take over DC.

Eight years of GWB interrupted that.


Good move but what if the bigger problem?

Texas AG Ken Paxton vows to relitigate 'Remain in Mexico' suit after SCOTUS sides with Biden admin

The ruling by SCOTUS didn’t go our way this time around but as many have pointed out, it was a just ruling.

That said, I’m curious as to what anyone is going to do about Biden’s DOJ simply tossing immigration cases & allowing courts to dismiss them for tens of thousands of illegals…assuming if folks are even aware of it going on..

Interesting -

The Concerning Rise of GMO Food Animals

While there are a number of scientific advances in GMO foods & food animals being developed and cultivated, there some particular concerns above and beyond the usual ‘Chicken-Little’ squawking that goes on.

First and foremost is the development of GMO food animals by countries such as China that do not share our safety values nor concern for the populace as we do.

Just say no to the 3-breasted Chinese chickens.. 😬

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@BirdDog —This clip underscores the reason for my complete disdain and mistrust of the American polling system.

When I became an SQV member, one of the first things I posted was pollsters, regardless of party, are not out to get the truth, but a desired outcome.

Luntz just proved my point.

As if folks didn't know Frank Luntz wasn't a dirtbag already..

Frank Luntz's Muskrat Advises Liberals on How to Manipulate Trump Supporters

Here he is at an Aspen symposium explain 'Trump Voters' to listeners and how to manipulate them to supporting the Climate Change agenda.

That said, this is just one of MANY manipulators out there that train campaigns to target the uninformed or plain stupid voting populace..

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