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Dear Quods, since we have so many new friends, it's time for a reminder.

We do not have advertising, paid accounts or data mining in this site.

We depend only on the generous support of our users.

Again, thank you to all that have subscribed and make this place possible.

If you have not subscribed yet, please consider doing so at a level you are comfortable with.

You can do that here:!supportus

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Sources Say 'Build the Wall' (@NolteNC) Tweeted:
There’s so little hate in America, a famous, openly gay black man had to fund his own hate crime using two other black guys.

Man, I love the country.

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@Eric07241984 @Patriot_Moon

All hysteria is a waste of time.


Trust the Trump.

He will NEVER be outmaneuvered.

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We keep on growing, Quods!

Keep up the good work.

4300 and 5th most active instance.

One toot at a time.

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Tweet from @charliekirk11

@charliekirk11: Net worth before running for President:

Trump family: $4.5 billion
Obama - $3 million
Clinton - $480,000


Trump family: $3 billion ⬇️
Obama - $40 million ⬆️
Clinton - $100 million ⬆️

But Trump is the guy trying to steal your money?


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QV has made social media enjoyable again. Over in the bird cage they rarely let me out of the box... It gets boring essentially babbling to yourself on a park bench. That's what twatter become for me. In half a year I got less notifications than I would in 10 minutes here... Using the platforms identically.

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One last point:

Freedom comes with the cost of hearing things you will not like.

ABSOLUTE freedom is anarchy, which @Debradelai opposes.

You don't need to worry about the rules here. They're very simple:

Be civilized. Even civilized people can have passionate debates.

You have to be tough in order to be free. You have to let most things roll off your back.

At the same time, being relentlessly and deliberately disruptive is not allowed here.

This place is for adults.

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Since we have a whole bunch of new users, it may be time to remind you that this site does not mine data and does not have advertising.

We depend on contributions from followers to keep it runing.

To all those who contribute, thanks! You make this possible.

To all of those who don't, please consider a monthly subscription if you can.!supportus

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Tweet from Donald J. Trump:

The Democrats are so self righteous and ANGRY! Loosen up and have some fun. The Country is doing well!

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Here's Gina Shakespeare and the Epoch Times Media team with another great video based on one of my columns!

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