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#2 The second, and previously unknown memo, Oct. 20, 2017

Concerning Cohen, gates, Unknown, Stone and Unknown.

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NOW does everybody see what Sessions was doing?

The plan was to spend more than two years preparing the country to ACCEPT that Democrats were spying on the Trump campaign.

That's why the DOJ didn't hand everything over to Judicial Watch.

If Sessions had done as Trump "supporters" demanded, everything would've been released piecemeal, and the Democrats would've skated.

NOW, the story is too big to hide or break apart into pieces that the public can ignore.


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Celebrating birthdays is the ONLY unambiguously altruistic human behavior.

Your birthday is your naming day. When your name is known, it makes you vulnerable.

Therefore ALL cultures celebrate birthdays to PROTECT the newest member of the family. Birthday presents are an offering made as a distraction, so that the new family member will be safe.

We outside of Iran are trying to help, because YOU are our family.

Be strong. You WILL be free.

I promise.

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@ThomasWic @All_Is_Well

If you write *thread* at the top, our ReaderQuod will recognize it without request and unroll it.

Full instructions as soon as it's ready.

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For @All_Is_Well

We have to teach you how to write threads.

Write "Thread" at the top so we can see your intent.

Then write the toot and toot it.

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Rush: “If Barr lied and is covering up collusion, why wouldn’t Mueller or his team be on every network saying so?”

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I found you! Everything that made Twitter interesting has relocated.

Carpe Donktum🔹 (@CarpeDonktum) Tweeted:
If you watch one video that I suggest this year... MAKE IT THIS ONE.

This was shot/directed/edited by a good friend of mine and it is incredibly powerful.

I am so proud of him for making this.


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Hey, Elaine!

In reference to your query a couple of days ago, I've been authorized to tell you that @GenFlynn is, indeed, "our General."

As in Twitter, he will not be posting much, perhaps the occasional greeting or picture, but he tells me he is enjoying the view, so to speak.

If you tag him in a toot, he will read it.

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@BettyRuth @baldilocks

Sorry, I like to nap in the afternoon. Yes, it's Android. I use a Samsung Galaxy S8+. No reflection on anybody else, but Apple products are not welcome in my home.

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Non political question.

Why did Jim Morrison cross the road?


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