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@HectorHeathcote @NothingtoChere I would fight them all before I got banned .. I can see comments but I can’t no longer retweet or comment. They are free to say whatever they want to any of us and the Potus but god forbid we call them out for the assholes they are .

Checkmate! Steve Hayward's Powerline Post quoting James Carville's interview is worth a read. It confirms SQV commentary of Trump engineering the madness of the Democrat Party.

"Sean Illing: So your complaint is basically that the party has tacked too far to the left?

James Carville: They’ve tacked off the damn radar screen.

I'm afraid that I have concluded that so far President Trump might be a liar.

This week demonstrates an unprecedented level of winning, and I am NOT EVEN CLOSE to being tired of it.

However, I am still willing to give him a chance. Maybe I WILL grow weary of winning some time late in his second term.

He deserves a chance to prove himself right.


This one doesn't top Sunshine of Your Love, but reveals some of that riffy (?) approach to drumming.

Pretty great.

I'm trying out a new ad idea.

2020 = 20/20
Clear vision for the future.

If the Space Force troops will definitely not be called Space Men, will those troops in training not be called SPACE CADETS?

What a let down.

I predict the dirty trick that the Democrat Leadership will use against Sen. Sanders will involve his trip to the USSR.

They will play up the Russia angle.

They are going to screw him, when their base is telling the party who they want.

They are going to work against the sentiment of the people and give him some of the old Trump treatment.

This will backfire on the coyote, of course.

"That's good. We need shocks in our lives. We need radical change and the new understanding it brings."

- Grant Morrison

Mike Lee is BY FAR the most popular Senator from the state.

What an understated jab.


Chuck Grassley is an incredible guy!

Great impression.

I think The President is a little emotional.

Such longanimity.

Sen. Romney votes his "conscience," meaning he disregards the will of the State that elected him.

The repealing of the 17th Amendment would put more power back into the State, and make each Senator beholden to the will of the people of that State.

This is their only function. This function is manifested in many ways: legislation, treaties, impeachment, etc.

However, in each they are to represent the will of the State, not themselves.

These Senators act like they have national seats.

Therefore, those states with huge populations centered in cities might not elect Senators who represent the State.

Originally, the State Legislatures chose the US Senators, to be reflective of the will of the Legislatures, that is to say, the will of the State.

Sen. Mitt Romney is an object lesson on why the Convention of States must propose repealing the 17th Amendment to the Constitution.

The 17th Amendment set forth the popular vote for the statewide office of US Senator.

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