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I guess those are Mexican Government employees turning them back.

Those employees get paid by the Mexican Government.

Ergo, Mexico is paying for the wall.

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The problem with virtue-signaling one-upmanship is that it creates a decreased cycle-time for politically correct outrage that will soon force one not only to recant what was said just yesterday, but ultimately even in the immediately preceding utterance.

No cases of coronavirus, but it's an emergency.

Actual hazards permitted and encouraged through flouting and nullifying existing federal laws.

With a strong, second-place finish in Nevada, Vice President has now won exactly zero out of 8,241 delegates available thus far in his three presidential campaigns.


"The greater good" is nothing more than tyranny of the majority over individual initiative and independence.


11) Furthermore, children think they are naturally fair, wise, and noble. Often they are just spewing nonsense.

8) Children think everything should be free and easy. They think that you don't have to work for anything.

5) Like any child, they think they can fool adults. Maybe they can fool other children behind their backs, but adults see what is happening.

4) Bloomberg isn't insulting of farmers and machinists. He's an ignorant child who thinks he can just plop a seed in the ground and feed the world.

Like any child, he has no concept of the history that goes into farming. Bloomberg is simply unaware of 5,000 years of accumulated knowledge.

"Food comes from the store."

It is occurring to me that Democrats are children.

1) HRC cries unfair when she doesn't get her way.

Trump knows how get the results he wants.

And it doesn't stop at just getting people out of trouble. It's about restoring fairness to the justice system.

The only way to fix it is by exposing the ugly truth to the public. And the media never fails to not pick up on that nuance, and continue broadcasting his every move and word.

He's created a system where his enemies do his work for him. A siege engine against Democrat strongholds powered by their own negative energy.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.