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I guess those are Mexican Government employees turning them back.

Those employees get paid by the Mexican Government.

Ergo, Mexico is paying for the wall.

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The problem with virtue-signaling one-upmanship is that it creates a decreased cycle-time for politically correct outrage that will soon force one not only to recant what was said just yesterday, but ultimately even in the immediately preceding utterance.

Why is everyone assuming that George Floyd's killer is a racist and not just a fascist asshole?

Because Floyd was Black and his murderer White?

Isn't that racist to assume it was racially motivated?

Don't get me wrong, the murderer may totally be a racist, but to just assume so based on the colors of their skins has to be considered racist.


I don't know if you like beer, or dark beer, but you have to know how good Dragon's Milk is if it's from Michigan and I'M saying it's good.

I think it was MAYBE 15 minutes after baby-voiced phony Dr. Blasé Ford brought forth her allegations that we were embroiled in a Senate kangaroo hearing.

I wonder why we aren't chest-deep in the mire yet. Where's the media drumbeat?

This is a rhetorical question.

I have decided that once this all over, I am going to wear my mask just to annoy people.

I will demand a six-foot radius of clear space around me. If people don't comply with my whims, I will threaten to lower my mask. I MIGHT have Coronavirus!?


Have you noticed how on the eve of the end of isolation, just on schedule and just as the President is about to announce a schedule for returning to business there is a new army of idiots demanding an end to isolation?

A useless, loud army of the mentally incompetent who will later claim credit for getting America to "work again."

It's like a mosquito on the back of an ox claiming credit for tilling the field.

Useless parasites.

Joe Biden

Favorite Son of Scranton
Senator from Delaware
Vice-President of the United States
Friend to Ukraine
Defender of China
Director of Blackness

He's like George & Weezy.

Movin' on Up.

The coronavirus is very low risk to the US. Reopening too early risks 'needless suffering and death'.

Skip the masks. You must wear a mask.

Quarantine is the most effective. Take the prisoners from quarantine.

Force coronavirus patients into nursing homes. We really have to watch nursing homes. Nursing homes should not be prosecuted for coronadeath.

No big gatherings. No groups bigger than 50. No groups bigger than 10. Six feet, a-hole.

EVERY TIME when faced with nonsense, call it out.

President Trump debunked President Obama's "New Normal" economy.

Will we have enough common sense to believe the evidence of our own eyes or will we fall prey to their expectation-lowering language and whitewashing?

Did Governors Cuomo and Wolfe order COVID-19 patients into nursing homes or did they not?

The homogeneous, incurious press will be of NO HELP to us, or if they are, it will only be as a guide for what not to believe.

What we do next is critically important.

It's everything.

I think "New Normal" is the way they are lowering our expectations.

We are no longer free to congregate, question, protest, vote, or more broadly, pursue life, liberty, and happiness.

If we are sheep, this is the world we will get. It will be the world we deserve.

If we are critical-thinking adults, and masters of our own fate, we will reject the "New Normal."

President Obama wanted a less powerful United States. Or, if he didn't, his actions certainly lined up that way.

Now, these "New Normal" creeps want a state of affairs where we are reduced to schoolchildren who have no say in the game.

Cui buono?

Today, we are hearing "New Normal" in terms of the post-coronavirus world.

In both cases, I utterly reject the concept.

I'm starting to believe that "New Normal" is programmatic language. That is to say, it is designed to completely gaslight the public.

On the part of the proponents, I'd say "New Normal" is aspirational. I think it telegraphs the world that THEY WANT.

The author of the linked piece write in terms of the economy being a fait accompli.

The New Normal

I've had enough of "The New Normal."

I first heard this from President Obama, in reference to the stagnant economy under his rein.

And people in blue states are FED UP.
I'm betting on a red tsunami in November. 🇺🇲

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