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The problem with virtue-signaling one-upmanship is that it creates a decreased cycle-time for politically correct outrage that will soon force one not only to recant what was said just yesterday, but ultimately even in the immediately preceding utterance.

@judgedread "Clearly, there is a switch that the media uses, and when they want to report on police brutality .. they can flip that switch on...But of course they could do so on any given day, because there are dozens of such incidents day in and day out … here’s a crisis. It shows that we can flip a switch, and people will do what we say, so now we’re going to flip a switch, and you’re going to do this … and it’s not your place to reason about it or ask questions …" -James Corbett

They're going to take Bill Withers' beautiful song, "Lean on Me," and turn it into a communist anthem.

Stop giving the opposition power by positioning your outlook that Durham/Barr will do nothing… just stop. Demand action. You are worth it. Do not give any an inch of room for obfuscation. Do not worry about being perceived as being an a**hole about it.

Does anyone have any data regarding the number of COVID-19 tests being administered by state?

Are similar numbers of tests being conducted in each state?

Do Governors have any control of this? Can they retard the effort is for some reason if they so desire?

@lolajl @BennettVarsho

Good point - the voter scams that are being reported on do not seem to be the work of sophisticated strategists.

Also, most of the rackets are being uncovered in blue states, where Leftist power should be able to protect them and keep the fraud going.

The massive NJ fraud scheme is an example.

We have created a culture of fakery and falsehoods at every level. Gaslighting, deceptions and cons are now what dictates news, social media as well as careers, diplomacy, business and just about everything else. Unless we stop this by becoming more honest, sincere and solid ourselves this will only lead to the total disintegration of society.

I hope the Presidential debates occur in prime time.

I think the Democrats will want them during the daytime.

Ever heard of sundown syndrome?

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.