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Biden ICE pick Es Gonzalez partnered with Chinazi propaganda ministry to bolster international image of Shanghai-

Gonzalez, Sheriff of Harris County, TX, had worked closely with the now-closed Chinazi consulate in Houston.

Here’s he and Consul General LI Qiangmin & Liu Yandong - Chinese VP currently Chairs the Confucius Inst., she formerly headed the United Front Work Dept, the overseas espionage arm of CCP.

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Complaint filed against Biden Center and U Penn for undisclose over $70M Chinazis donations -

The Biden Center’s managing director had been the Big Guy’s Sec. of State pick Tony Blinken who co-founded consulting firm, with Biden’s DNI pick Avril Haines as principle, helped US universities raise funds from wealthy Chinazis without losing US DOD grants.

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Kurt Campbell, Beijing Biden’s Asia tsar, is the founder of the Asia Group that helps US companies expand in China.

Zelensky's poor decision-makin weakened Trump and emboldened the Obama/Clinton/Biden crime syndicates.

They no doubt intimidated and threatened him. And bribed him.

Whatever happened, the guy didn't help Trump.

What's that old saying about choosing your bed and lying in it? Oh yeah that's right - 'you made your own bed, lie in it.'

Maybe that's too harsh.

And Zelensky, who OF COURSE has been thrown to the wolves by the despicable scumbag Biden, still has a chance to do the right thing.

Obama must be worried.

As the heat builds up on Clinton Crime Syndicate, sooner or later they'll be tempted to throw the Obama/Biden crew under the bus.

They despise each other, remember.

So I don't agree that Durham is trying to protect institutions. He's a straight shooter and clearly a damn good operator.

He has time on his side, too.

This isn't complicated.

COVID has always been a political weapon.

On the ropes in late 2019, Xi & Co deliberately released a lab engineered virus (COVID) to the world.

The target was always the USA & Trump. Rest of the world? Collateral damage.

With close to 6 million dead and rising, it's one of the worst crimes in history.

The Democrats?

“One Bribe One Road” (BRI) is China’s scheme to corrupt politicians of third world countries in order to steal their natural resources.

The Gwadar protests reflect 6 years of disappointment and resentment towards China’s infiltration & colonization (China shipped its own workers to build CPEC). People of Balochistan want their country back.

Thousands of people from all corners of Balochistan, Pakistan marching in the streets of Gwadar against the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor :

Jussie Smollett. Well well well.

It really doesn't matter what the judge decides.

Jussie is about to learn the true meaning of 'friendship' among the Democrat crowd. They're all going to abandon him, just when he needs them the most.

Jussie is 'surplus to needs' to the elite. As is the majority of the American population.

Forget the vile, corrupt fake POTUS and his pitiful team. Any US athlete who goes to China for the winter Olympic Games needs their heads read.

The chances of them being cheated or harmed by the regime far outweigh any reason to go to that hellhole.

Remember what happened to the athletes who went there for the military games, just before COVID.

Another thing. If anything bad happens, Biden & Co will do NOTHING to protect them either.

Sucks but that's the reality.

Massive Explosion near Natanz Nuke Facility, Iran.

The details are still unclear but you can assume the mullahs are lying.

My personal view is that an underground nuke centrifuge assembly facility in the mountains near Natanz has been wiped out. If so, it's an extremely important strike.

Two villages, Shojabaad and Ahmadabad, have been evacuated with evidence of radiation emitting from the strike.

We first learned of the secret facility in late 2020. Note the coordinates on the map below.

Will be retiring my avatar. We had to say goodbye. No longer sick, or in pain, and we had many, many more good days than bad ones.

Daisy, Queen of the wild frontier.

Bum kidneys couldn't keep up with the rest of her. Best cat ever.

The WHO & MSM are lying.

“Xi” is absofikkinglutely NOT a common last name in China.

It ranks #332 among the most common Chinese last names, barely 1 in 10,000 are named “Xi”.

So far no FBI raids at the HQs of US retirement fund managers such as BlackRock & Vanguard that have been funding Chinese Triad Gangs’ money laundering schemes.

Macau police take Alvin Chau, CEO of Suncity Group in for questioning after mainland Chinese authorities issued arrest warrant over cross-border gambling allegations. At least 2 of his co-conspirators are under arrest.

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