People are getting the treatment they need through "compassionate use."

Trump is preparing for the NEXT pandemic by making much larger federal stockpiles of everything, AND he's putting closed factories back to work in the process.

Leftist companies are pitching in.

When this is over, there will be three results.

One, very few Americans will have died or gotten seriously ill.

Two, the American people will blame the press for overstating the threat in order to damage Trump.


Trump is making no effort to discredit the lies.

Why would he do that?

Because the travel restrictions were enough.

Trump knows that very few people will died, and he's working on a plan to make workers and industries whole again.

When asked if he was negotiating with Pelosi, he said, "I don't want to say who I'm negotiating with."

So it's not Pelosi. Someone shunted her aside.

Have you been watching Rudy Giuliani's podcasts about Obama corruption? If not, make sure you do. They will make your jaw drop in disbelief.

So imagine what we DON'T know about what the charlatan and his goons were up to.

Here is Rudy's latest. $ BILLIONS in US taxpayer money routed to leftist NGOs via George Soros. Money laundering. Pay for play. Bribery. And that's just Ukraine.


1. 'Muh Russians undermining the 2020 election!'

May be wrong, but my gut tells me that Trump is using Judas goats to seed FakeNews and the desperate Dems, with misinformation.

If it's the Obama/Clinton gangs, it's a dead set loser of a narrative. Think about it. It's not in their interests to get people focussing on muh Russia.

That's why they tried a Ukraine hoax - to remove the focus from Putin/muh Russia. So why revive it? Makes no sense.

Bloomberg & Epstein.

Oh, man.

Notice how no one in FakeNews or at the Dem debates is asking Bloomberg about his Epstein connection?

Look I know Bloomberg is not tall, but given the Epstein link, I wonder if there's something else to Trump's 'Mini-Mike' nickname?

Wouldn't surprise me.

Let's see what happens.

10. And how about this.

Between 2008-2016, Bloomberg's wealth EXPLODED.

The guy went from 142nd to 17th on the Forbes List between 2008-2010.

Unheard of. Bloomberg was leapfrogging families whose taken DECADES to build their wealth, such as the Walmart dynasty.

In 2008 his worth was $11.5 billion. By 2016? $43 BILLION.

Obama? 2008-2016.

What a strange coincidence.

Unless there's no coincidence.

You know what I think. Lets see what happens.

Let it be known on twitter.

REX is returning.


No way I'm going to miss the fun as Trump romps home and Obama/Clinton get rekt.

Plus, being there while twitter burns down will be fantastic.

While our forum rises.

The end.

9. The Storm is almost upon us.

Or THEM, to be more accurate. The crooks that almost destroyed America.

I think they're trapped. And they know it, also.

What I expect we will see is a last, full on assault on Trump, Barr and the GOP, esp by FakeNews. However because they're lying, desperate and under pressure, they're going to screw up.

Inevitably we will mistakes, wild claims and ridiculous allegations, followed by facts that expose these crooks even more.

Another thing.

The return of Jeff Sessions is a sign that things are about to get very real for the enemies of the Republic. And not in a good way for them, either.

My prediction? Sessions will be revealed as a hero by the time the elections come around. By then, his role in taking down these seditious bastards will be crystal clear.

And if the lefturds think Sessions return is bad, just wait until Trump appoints Gen Flynn to Chair the Joint Chiefs of Staff (or equivalent).

Project Veritas is promising a bombshell about Epstein - the Epstein Cover Up -will be released in just a few hours.

Everyone is assuming that it's about Epstein's death, but I can't find footage of O'Keefe confirming that.

It may be about the sleazebags death. But perhaps it's about his 'other activities' that have been covered up, as well.

We will see.

1. Everyone is saying that the Australian ambassador to the US, Joe Hockey, has rebuked Lindsay Graham.

BS. People don't read.

Read Graham's letter CAREFULLY.

Here's the quote: (Obama's goons were) 'accepting information from an Australian diplomat who was also directed to contact [George] Papadopoulos and relay information obtained from Papadopoulos regarding the campaign to the Federal Bureau of Investigation'.

Terrifying : Obama (US) & Cameron (UK) covered up devastating terror attacks planned by the mullahs, to push through the Iran Deal.

Plus, we already know about how Obama suppressed the Operation Cassandra takedown of Hezbollah, within the US.

Now ask yourself - if the mullahs had detonated their planned bomb, would Obama have nixed the Iran Deal? Answer: No.

Worse - Obama would have framed innocent Americans for the attack. You can take that to the bank.

Devon Archer is Hunter Biden’s partner at Rosemont Seneca, Bohai Harvest, & fellow board member of Ukraine’s Burisma Holdings.
Obama Judge Ronnie Abrams (her husband worked for Bob Mueller’s Special Counsel) overturned his conviction. 🤬🤬🤬

Reminder: Madeleine Westerhout, the leaky EA to Trump who was fired (sorry, 'stepped down' lol) was appointed just after Trump's inauguration, brought in by Reince Priebus.

Westerhout was a long time GOPe gal - worked on Romney's 2012 campaign and also at the RNC.

As SpyGate starts ramping up, her removal right now is not coincidental. It's likely that they've been keeping a close eye on her and that she's been a known mole for a long time.

The widow of the most hated man in America does her best to enlarge the coming Trump landslide.

9. I very much doubt Trump would tweet such an explicit statement, if he didn't have rock solid evidence to back it up.

Do you?

A G Barr has to act after this release (HINT: I'm sure this started under Sessions). Remember, between 2009-2013 - exactly correlating with the breach - the US lost 'dozens' of spies (tortured and murdered) in Iran & China.

They apparently discovered their identities through a, er, 'CIA messaging service' run on, yep, you guessed it, Google.

If you remember Whitey Bulger, he was transferred to Hazleton Penitentiary after threatening the families of supervisors at US Penitentiary Coleman II in Sumterville, Florida.

He was put in the general population of Hazleton and was almost immediately murdered for being an FBI informant.

Epstein was notorious for making threats.

I'm not saying prison officials SHOULD have inmates murdered; I'm saying it happens.

@REX @Cdubois

People say the same thing to me.

They can't believe that the Trump they see in public may not be the real Trump.


Look, it's not unusual for pedos to kill themselves in custody awaiting trial. Or to be killed when jailed.

It's also almost impossible to stop someone from killing themselves. That's just a fact.

Having said that, this is a really terrible outcome for Bill Barr's DOJ. For this to happen to such a high profile and high risk inmate screams incompetence (at best) and foul play (at worst).

The ultimate victims? Well, they would be the victims.

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