WOW!!! Col. Oliver North just now on Fox in regards to Biden handing over military equipment.

“Never underestimate the power of blackmail”. 😳😳.

The thought has crossed my mind.

…the phrase “over the horizon” in the press release. For giggles, I went and googled the phrase to get an idea of how common its use was prior to the Biden administration’s rhetorical flooding of the zone. Not surprisingly, it was essentially unheard of prior, with every mention coming in the last two months following Biden’s July mention of the capability. …the push to make it part of an overwhelming public narrative is very recent, and very politically motivated.

Her face says it all….

‘Why did I hook up with this stupid old demented racist bastard… I’m finished.’ (She only cares for herself)

Live: at 6:00pm Jeff Dunham presents,
Biden's press conference, starring Walter.

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