We talked about the "Dracula" stabbing motion, in which the person brings the knife down.

This guy knew how to stab. His victim survived.

I'll tell you what I would've done.


It's a wheeled chair, so I would've rammed the attacker.

He would not have been able to get past the chair.

If he dove over the chair, I would've grabbed him by the head and smashed him into the floor.

Then I would've jumped up and down on him.


People think really bad things can't happen to them.

A friend just told me that a self-described heterosexual just sent him a photo of his penis.

The penis-picture man is a gun fanatic.

Ever see the movie American Beauty?

My friend says that I'm insulting him by saying this is a dangerous situation.


We had a long conversation, and I realized that my friend has never listened to me the entire time I've known him.

His view of me is so deranged that I just eased out of the conversation.

There's literally no way to communicate with him, because of all the landmines he's planted.


This has happened to me so many times that I now have an "off" switch that I flip.

You know what's a bitch?

A person who keeps trying to get to the bottom of things while not listening.

I hate futility. And when people do and say certain things, those are inarguable signs that you just need to stop.

No drama. But no more calls from me. He'll get the message.


This ex-janitor waited six months before he came back to try and murder his boss.

The guy who sent the penis picture to my friend did it just a few days ago.

They "talked it out."

I'm literally never going to be at ease now when I think of my friend.

He refuses to admit that he's in danger.

So I just have to wait for the news.


@ThomasWic @DuaneCates I'm sure you made it clear to your former friend "this guy is going to attack you."

If he can't hear what your telling him, it's his fault. YOu are a very good communicator.

@drawandstrike @ThomasWic @DuaneCates One of the awful things about aging is that you can't pretend anymore. Or best things. It is a luxury of youth to believe everyone is good. People literally tell you who they are.

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