"Some question
motives as he speaks of Jesus & performs in jails.

If he moves just one person closer to God the world will be a more peaceful place.

The Lord works in mysterious ways.

As Jesus said: You don’t understand what I’m doing now but someday you will."


MOST would agree with THIS👇

"The fake media can say the economy doesn't matter but it does. Trump and his policies have increased my wealth and made my financial situation better. He has earned my vote just on that fact alone."


(Our lives are BETTER because of Trump. Easy 2020 win because of this....Spygate, EspsteinGate, SchiffGate, PhysicalExamGate, SpellingErrorGate....'meh'

These dire D.C. piles of Schitt are in Trump's capable hands. Not to worry)

Someone FINALLY said it:
“Under the U.S. Constitution, it is the President of the United States who determines foreign policy. How can President Trump be ‘at odds with foreign policy’ when he’s the one who determines it? …”

BenTallmadge (@BenKTallmadge) Tweeted:

Former US President's brother Neil Bush implicated in cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme

Neil had been paid $300,000 to attend a meeting with ‘Cryptoqueen’ Ruja Ignatova, head of OneCoin In HK for a deal with a firm he has tie with.

H/t ⁦@Avery1776⁩

t.co/ulySzXhTkz twitter.com/BenKTallmadge/stat

Trump BAIT.

'Trump is physically/mentally ill'.

God this guy is good. Trump is amazing.

Mind you, his enemies are really, REALLY dumb.

So wait for it. 'OMG POTUS is, like, mentally ill! 25th 'mendment etc etc etc ' INPEECH!!

The FakeNews can't help themselves. Trump controls them. Total LOSERS.



The judicious exercise of the Commander in Chief's prerogatives under the Constitution is part and parcel of our cherished Rule of Law.

To deny him his rights under the law is, in fact, where betrayal lies.

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg suddenly apologizes for Stop & Frisk as he considers campaigning for president. And months after he said he would not campaign for president because he would not apologize for what he did as mayor.

Mark Meadows
In the closed-door deposition Saturday, we once again heard a consistent theme damaging to the Democrats’ impeachment effort: 1) the suspension of aid to Ukraine was always temporary, and 2) it was not for any political consideration.

@REX @timr

Trump didn’t say Drain the Democrat Swamp... he said “Drain the Swamp!”.... he’s under no delusions... and neither should we be.

@timr @Debradelai @loc1000 @karnage @REX

No doubt and the impeachment hearings are doing justifiable damage but, people need to understand this will be no easy win. People have to get their asses up and get to the polls.

LA has an estimated population of 4.7 million and we lose the governorship by 45,000 votes. That is pathetic especially in a state that holds the majority in every other political seat. I'm sure Senator Kennedy was spitting fire watching this happen.

JJ Truth
Good thing we don’t listen to communists in fancy pajamas.John B Wells

"The United States of America has 'a distorted vision of the world" & Americans must be ruled by a World Government as soon as possible, “for their own good.” - Pope Francis

"Texas is America's #1 state for launching a startup business.

Factors include:
Growth of new business applications
Rate of new entrepreneurs
Corporate tax rate
Share of population with college education
Labor cost
Cost of living index"


As fundraising off of impeezzment tapers off, one thing b ed comes certain:

In four weeks, nobody will remember this circus.

Remember the "humanitarian crisis" in Syria?

Yep. That was four weeks ago.

In the Cyclothymic Republic of America, that is what it takes to forget.

Four weeks.

@redwhitebluedude @Elaines2cents @REX @timr

It's not going to happen.

Besides, tests of ideological purity are better suited to the Komsomol.

@REX @timr

Far from it, my friend.

Without GOP control in Congress, Trump is no more than a Christmas decoration on a house in Pennsylvania Ave.

He is the leader of the GOP and he needs the GOP to get reelected and (more importantly) to govern.

An attack on the GOP is an attack on Trump.

There is no way around that.

@Elaines2cents @REX @timr

As long as a sizeable number continues their muh GOP cant and insist upon unelectable candidates who pass some arcane and useless ideological test...that remains elusive.

These morons cost us the Senate in 2010 and 12 and the House in 18.

And the beat goes on.

@JM @Buddy @Dawnz @HunDriverWidow @wziminer i think part of the issue is the system as well. when you go see your doctor, every test, diagnosis, consultation, advise, medical service is billed straight to your insurance. every medical service we provide is free. the pharmacy world has been fighting for provider status for a decade. this would allow us to also get reimbursements from insurance for pharmacist services such as med recs, immunizations, consultations, insurance/md authorizations etc.

@JM @Buddy @Dawnz @HunDriverWidow @wziminer this would not only incentivize pharmacists to provide more services and take even better care of their patients, it would also help change the perception of the work we do if you change it from free and optional to a paid important service a part of your insurance plan

@JM @Buddy @Dawnz @HunDriverWidow @wziminer obummer admin promised provider status to us for 8 years but surprise surprise, never happened. we are more optimistic with secretary azar and potus at the helm but cautiously optimistic 😁


I'm sitting here thinking WTH is the 17th letter? Google is my friend 😂

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