I am awaiting President Trump’s
news conference with Faux News
on. It is a 💩 show with Dana
“I love the Bushes and Jasper!”
Perino and Donna “Big D” Brazile.
These two are peeing all over
themselves about Kamala
“heels up” Harris as Joe’s
running mate. Big D says
that the Democrat party is united
more than ever, and it’s all going
to be GREAT!! 🤮 🤮 🤮

‘What a train wreck’: Byron York drops a 50 megaton self-awareness nuke on Kamala Harris and her Biden endorsement


Wasn’t Kamala the one who accused Joe Biden of being a racist? That whole riding the bus story? It’s been a while since the first debates but we seem to remember her attacking him over civil rights.

Byron York remembers it too.

Sniff and Blow is officially a Campaign!

😂 🤣 😂 🤣 😂

(stolen from @RealMattCouch)

Politico labeled Sen. Kamala Harris as Biden's running mate... that he chose on August 1 (4 days from now).
Maybe this explains Kamala’s new face! This is what Politico posted..their page on the story is now gone

Fell for it? She probably was in on it.

@AnnCoulter: "Never forget: Kamala fell for the most preposterous racist hoax in recent memory.

'An attempted modern day lynching!'


I was so hoping to see this bumper sticker.
I guess now they’ll change it to Joe Blow.


Thank God, DJT is exposing the Left's insanity & hatred for the USA.

POLL: National Support for Gun Control Plummets Amid 2020 Coronavirus, Crime Surge, Race Riots


The Rasmussen poll also reveals that Americans who were already gun owners have armed themselves in increasing fashion this yr. A massive 27% of Americans who already have guns in their house have bought at least one new one in the last 6 mos, showing that the nation’s existing population of gun owners has become even more resolute in their support of the Second Amendment.

POTUS is systematically destroying the Democrat's VILE Coronavirus Relief Bill.


And necessary.

@HunDriverWidow @timr










Any further questions?

Well, the COVID hysteria didn't stop folks from descending on Sturgis. Attendance is at or above usual levels.

I just sent his story to President Trump at the White House contact email. 😪 Have been fighting this fight for a month now in Georgia. Worked with my local state Senator who - armed with my facts and data on retracted studies and poorly designed studies on hydroxy with unnecessarily high doses and treatments too late - met with Gov Kemp's staff. He was deflated when we touched base later. No traction and the staff were totally uninterested. He is surrounded by goobers. Just damn, in Georgia.

My son's step-sisters are buddies with and go to school with this poor teen. He is devastated. Hydroxy is blocked by the Pharmacy Board in Georgia since March. Not much extended family.

"Georgia teenager loses both parents to COVID-19 within a week.

I would sue the Hospital if they didn't give the parents hydroxychloroquine, it's been proven to work if taken early enough by hundreds of doctors, for some reason MSM's want people to die."

Implied Five@implied005


I understand Biden now has a running mate.

Great! Now all we have to do is wait till his Handlers tell him who it is.🤣

I knew it!! Right up the Dems Asses like a Boss!! Your finished!! Thank you very much.. 😂😂😎😎😎

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