It cannot be verbalized what it was like. He is not a guru or God-like. This is not a cult. What was electric was US - the crowd. I was in the rising bleacher directly behind President Trump. So the rest of the crowd was before us. As the night set in and the last arrived, even with stadium style lights, I could not see the back of the crowd. But we PARTIED together. We CELEBRATED LIFE together. No words will do. 😁 ❤️

Kenneth P. Vogel

NOTABLE: BEVAN COONEY, a jailed ex-associate of HUNTER BIDEN, seems to be cooperating with conservative journalists
@PeterSchweizer &
@MatthewTyrmand on at least one story about Hunter.

Cooney reportedly provided the personal emails for this story.


@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @Clayrjr @JM @Dawnz @ChaplainEric @Jaime @lolajl @SandyisGettingSteamed @Linnie @jacksabbath @Ballerina @AliceInWonderland @SalvajeUnitario @Joycevor
Lisa, love embarrassed?..you shared an incredible experience with us that many of us were unable to experience otherwise, your reaction was no different than the one that played in our heads when we listened and watched...was genuine, refreshing, allows us the same unfettered human response without fear of judgment❤

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @Ballerina @Joycevor

Oh...I’m 100% Soy boy...💯
And I’m ready to admit here and now...I AM NO WHERE NEAR AS MASCULINE AS MICHELLE OBAMA...

"He was the last guy I'd vote for. And I voted for him. This time I'll crawl through fire to vote for him again".

When I signed on, I see that
Quodville has over 15K
residents! H/T and a thank
you to @Debradelai! Now
get your credit card out and
show some ❤️ by supporting
this platform!! Saul has to
keep the lights on!!

@Ballerina @Angela @Dawnz
Their head up their ass vitriol eliminated all of the Alinsky advantages they hard carved for years. The political poll replaced the DNC frontal cortex years ago since they want to appease people so they can appear to give a shit about them. Their Brown Shirt browbeating and social terror campaign silenced all voices of descent, as well as the voices of the somewhat 'sane' Dems and independent centrist. Their TDS blew up their thinking caps and blinded them in full.

"There has been a siginficant increase in USAF (United States Air Force) activity in Iraq and Afghanistan in the past 48 hours.

More than 30 USAF planes were seen on flight radars around Iran. These aircraft included troop-transport aircrafts and heavy bombers.

Let’s hope the Americans won’t make some sort of stupid mistake, because they’ll regret it.' -Telegram Mullah supporter channel.

Fuck those guys....

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @MEMA @JM @Dawnz @ChaplainEric @Jaime @lolajl @SandyisGettingSteamed @Linnie @jacksabbath @Ballerina @AliceInWonderland @SalvajeUnitario @Joycevor

I can’t thank you enough for sharing that Lisa. You gave all of our Quods a chance to experience a rally from inside the rally...with you. I’ve only watched...haven’t been able to attend in person...be in the crowd...

Now I do thanks to your share. I am serious about the awesomeness.

Thank you sincerely.


He is! And he does it a lot.

And I wish I had caught on video him dancing on the stage to the music towards the end. He shakes his ass around, and it is adorable. He does it to YMCA. So we all danced to Village People YMCA with our Pres. ❤️ Total 1000s' of people blast with him. Unmasked, dancing and hooting and hollering. Celebrating together.


Voter fraud operation was exposed in Houston. Democrats keep getting caught for voter fraud. This is really going to add up nationally.

In Michigan, John James has been running slightly ahead of Trump and has been surging in recent months.

The outstanding showing of the GOP in Michigan in the past week will only help.

Based on those early numbers, MI is looking good for Trump and an increasingly likely Senate pickup for the GOP

What is equally intriguing is how well Republicans are doing in Nevada, Minnesota and New Mexico, which are now highly competitive based on the early voting so far.

We are now seeing the promise of outstanding primary results for Trump, extremely high enthusiasm from Trump voters and surging GOP registration.

It is now turning into votes

Target Smart is a data site that provides regular updates on voting stats, in most cases on a daily basis.

Here are some numbers from that site, as of today.

At this point – Republicans are looking very strong in Texas, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and Georgia.

Michigan and Wisconsin are looking especially impressive, considering how close they were in 2016.

Beard Blather 33

"Humpter Bidet, Corruption and General Asshattery."

@ThomasWic and @Debradelai discuss Humpter Bidet and Pop's drunken forays into South American style corruption, the folly of Silicon Valley cretin's attempts at censorship, and how Democrats are circling the drain ... just for starters.


11:30pm Eastern/9:30pm Pacific



He was right under me. He looked up and waved at all of us with the biggest grin. I filmed it, but was bouncing around so much it may suck. When excited, I tend to be more in the moment than a filmer/photographer. I'm never going to bathe my body or clean my phone again. (Kidding). Will post later if it came out okay. On the road back home soon.

Love, L

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