@ScottWalker: "Eight years ago, I stood on the debate stage at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum. A week later, I got out because it was clear that the Trump Train had left the station.

The rest of the 2024 GOP field may soon have to make that same decision. So far, none of them have made a convincing case to Trump supporters to change their vote. It’s make or break time. [image]"



This adoptee doggie is getting in Month 3 that we are his home, his fam, love him, and he is testing us like a teenager. Relaxing and testing. Totally normal. I fell for it once this 2 AM. This will not happen again.

He is the most intelligent, attuned, responsive dog as a choc Labrador I have ever had in a lifetime of adopting dog mutts. Total love and mirth and needs a bunch of attention. And... there are some boundaries to be set. Middle of night attention whines... This will be curbed.

@watch4thedrop A truly great and epic thread, DROP!
And yes, the thing about the money getting sent over there (or rather, the equipment WORTH that much money, and NOT stacks of cold hard cash) is what's truly misleading and gets people all riled up over nothing. It's weapons we weren't using anyway! It's not like those cluster munitions would have helped put out the fires in Maui.
(Also, an another note, thank you DROP for not buying into that other person's anti-Israel BS.)


So at the end of the day, try not to be shocked when most GOP politicians vote to send more aid to ukraine. It's not because they are "muh RINOS", it's just a no brainer to do so. We've given much more to other nations to preserve alliances and we will likely give much more in the future as well. Although the benefits may not be tangible at the moment, they will come eventually. So sit back, relax and stop with the hand wringing


The pillars are crumbling. The fight will go on. We don’t know what will replace this new moral order. But we can at least hope for a restoration of the traditional values that, ironically, through economic and cultural enrichment and political and civil liberation, permitted the West to indulge in this orgy of self-immolation in the first place.

Carville said, “Let’s assume the election was November the third of this year and the candidates are Joe Biden, the Democrat, Donald Trump, Republican, Joe Manchin and Larry Hogan, No Labels, and Cornel West. Trump would be a betting favorite. If I told you I would give you even money, you would not take that bet. All right. And so somebody better wake the fuck up.”


Longtime Democrat strategist James Carville said Sunday on comedian Bill Maher’s “Club Random Podcast” that people need to “wake the f-ck up” when it comes to the 2024 election because President Joe Biden would lose to former President Donald Trump if the election were held this year.

“Serious concerns have been raised about what’s going on in this Colony Ridge area,” Abbott told Loesch after the radio host asked about The Daily Wire’s investigation into the development. “We’re trying to put together as much information as possible so that I can add this to the special session.”

Abbott told Loesch that he has already issued subpoenas to the developers “to find out what’s going on financially,” and asked the Texas Comm on Environmental Quality to launch a new investigation.

Congresswoman @IlhanMN Omar writes, "Today, for the first time in history, the President of the United States joined a picket line. This is a major testament to the strength and resurgence of the labor movement. Let’s go!"
Biden stayed for exactly... 12 minutes.needed a nap...😂

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