It’s a cataclysmic moment when you realize…

…your deeply held beliefs and heartfelt commitment to treat others with acceptance and tolerance (irregardless of THEIR beliefs or values) — is the very thing that is now a death warrant for your own beliefs and everything you hold dear.

My soul is reeling in disbelief at how far we’ve fallen and how fragile “societal mores” really are.

One generation.


Reagan was right.

Grassley and Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) released a report in September 2020 on the Bidens’ business pursuits.

In April, the two senators released new documents delving deeper into the Biden family’s business ties.

The documents revealed that Hunter Biden and Jim Biden received monthly payments of $100,000 and $65,000, respectively, as part of an August 2017 consulting agreement between the first son and Gongwen Dong, a top official at CEFC China Energy.


"Congress, when it passed the Railway Labor Act in the 1920s, decided that railroads are just too important to be subjected to the whims of Big Labor the way other businesses are. Congress can force the striking workers back on the job by simply passing a resolution, which President Joe Biden would then have to sign."

What's the point of having Fascist legislation without enforcing it?


The Constitution is not a "code of ethics". The Supreme Court Code of Ethics is.

It was developed and adopted by the Supreme Court, a co-equal branch of government over which the Senate holds no authority.

Which is good, since it prevents an unethical, amoral con woman who pretends to be an Indian for graft from doing anything at all in this matter.


Chevron left there for reasons not of the embargo and it did so before it.

All of the oil companies were driven out by the Chavez regime and the condition of any capacities were left to rot.

I knew Milka Duno during my racing experiences. Her husband owned CITGO.

All of the companies were allowed to keep operating but all profits went to Chavez and only his people were permitted to run them.

Beyond my expectation. He’s a bad ass no less

A secretive US Space Force unmanned craft landed after almost 2.5 years in orbit“The 29 foot-long robotic spacecraft, which looks like a smaller version of the US space shuttle, was launched in May 2020.
Since 2020, the mission has been run by the US Space Force — the government's space-defense branch of the military set up by Former President Donald Trump. Its payload and its flight path have been mostly classified, per”

To dismiss DJT as candidate for
President is folly. Whatever
happened in 2020 elections is
of no concern to me. 2024 can
be a reset and return to energy
independence, border security,
law and order. I’m ready!

Mother of God...I'm actually agreeing with this nutter.

RFK Jr. 'baffled' by Harry and Meghan winning humanitarian award via

House Update, 7:36 PM Eastern Time:

Republicans 209
Democrats 187


218 for Majority

Difference since 4 PM:

GOP +4
Dems 0

Still like this as a song for the American conservatives stepping up and showing up in presence.

Bring it.

Recognizes some knocks. And getting back up and in, dedicated and determined. Show up for life.

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