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How the fuck do you not know there are snipers on the roof top? 😂

I mean, did these asshats really just assume it's a bunch of guys standing around with ear pieces?

Remember The Ventures, the rock band from the 50s and 60s?

Their original 17-year-old drummer left after 8 months and went into the Air Force.

As a four-star General, he came back to play with them again in 1998, in uniform.

This is pretty cool and will end your day with a smile

"Walk Don't Run"


Rudy W. Giuliani (@RudyGiuliani) Tweeted:

When the Mayor of Minneapolis asked his police to flee from their police precinct, he proved he is incapable of protecting his own people, their property or their lives.

This is the result of the criminal friendly policies of so-called Progressive Democrat mayors and governors


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As @ThomasWic would say, they don't know how things work.

The guy was complaining because the snipers made themselves obvious with their guns and they were watching the idiots knocking over the metal fencing.

Armed Secret Service were on the ground between the idiots and other barriors.

Must have finally figured out these weren't the ineffective police because they finally headed away from the area.

Checked a picture I took last October. Enlarged, sniper on the roof.


What's called the "collateral damage" to this whole thing will be hard to determine for a long while.
Just heartbreaking.

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No lie. Just fact. 👇🏻

Today I took my mom for a haircut. As I walked up to the door of the salon, an older gentleman coming out the door pulled his face mask down and asked me if I wanted to borrow it.



There you go!

Play as a cat would with a mouse and under no circumstance take them seriously.

Trust me. It's FUN.

An old friend invited me to join a Women for Biden facebook group. It's as if they have no idea of who I am. 😂

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Good comment, btw - made me think about the dynamics of the 2008 election.

I'd like to see Palin defeat leftist Murkowski in the Alaska senate primary and win the senate seat in 2022


It's interesting to watch Biden create anger, disgust and division every time he speaks.

His cruelty combined with his advancing senility and desperate attempts to seem like a radical produce constant conflict.

He convinces people not to vote for him every day. His insults are relentless.

And he is supposed to be stuffed with love, tolerance and goodness. In reality, he is a lightning rod creating chaos.

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That's probably part of their idiotic 'plans', but there's no sense to it.

Everyone knows Biden can't function at all in public life or remain coherent. So there will be more focus on the VP choice.

That only works on paper, not real life. It's popular among political writers

The VP choice makes almost no difference in any election. Getting voters to change and vote for the VP won't work. That is not the way American voters think and act.

More unreality


Since I’ve ramped up my voter registration efforts, the left has been attacking me non-stop.

I’d like to ask for 2 prayers, if that’s okay:

1) For supernatural wisdom & 2) For spiritual armor to protect me from those who want to do me harm

These would mean a lot.

Tons of prayers coming your way, Scott. If you pray, folks, please get on board. 🙏 🙏 🙏

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