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@ThomasWic @Debradelai

I am hoping for this.
I know they are already there, blending-in.
Wonder how many fake Taliban are GCC. You know they are there.

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When Trump comes back, we need a complete overhaul of the armed forces' leadership.

To match the new troops, weapons, and tactics.


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The happiest man in the world today is Jimmy Carter.

First Obama surpassed him as our worst president, and now Biden surpassed Obama.

Susan Rice hasn't yet stuck her fat ass into this debacle.

Joe must be seething that all his rat-buddies have deserted the sinking raft.

"The raft isn't sinking!" he's blubbering at them.

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Too many people still think that the US is the only country capable of standing up to the world's four troublemakers:

China, Russia, Iran, and Pakistan.

In reality their neighbors can easily kick their asses.


It only took Trump to get us there.

The Afghans are already rising up, and they have the Gulf Cooperation Council to help them.

We'll send help if asked, AFTER Biden is gone.

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Both of these buttholes are projecting a shocking level of weakness that's emboldening our enemies allover the world.

Luckily our Pacific allies can take care of themselves now, as can our Middle Eastern allies.

Did you know THIS?

In the past four Germany went on the most rapid and extensive military buildup in human history.

The ISRAELIS have been training the Germans in Israel and in Germany.

So German's are ready for the Russians.

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They keep saying they're going to do everything POSSIBLE to save them, until "the clock runs out."

Austin has no idea what happened to the Afghan Air Force.

Why not?

Because the Afghans were smart enough to not TELL US beforehand that they had a plan.

The air force is safe in neighboring countries.

Austin and Milley are serving as spokesmen for the Taliban, for which they should face court martial.

I'll bet Milley really regrets turning against Trump.

Too bad, so sad.

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They say that since nobody TOLD them that Afghanistan could collapse so quickly, they didn't prepare for it.

TRUMP would've been prepared.

What makes Trump so successful is that he games out ALL possibilities and prepares for them.

Austin and Milley are already admitting that they're going to abandon both Americans and Afghans who helped us.

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I dare you to try and watch this whole disgrace.

Both of these bastards need to be fired and demoted.


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From this point on, the Biden administration's collapse begins picking up speed.

Sit back and enjoy.

Nobody deserves a humiliating implosion more than Joe Biden.


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This entire administration is filled with mental patients.

Jimmy Carter was incompetent, but he was basing his decisions on ideas that serious thinkers thought would work.

The Biden administration is irrational and totally corrupt, so of course all of the decisions are deranged.

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And forget the obvious fakery; why the hell would they use a fish-eye lens?

It makes the scene look like a David Lynch hallucination.

The Carters are dwarfs, and the Bidens are giant psychos.

They met in a funhouse complete with sloping floors and walls.

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As far as I can tell, Biden isn't even there, and they put Jill's head on someone else's body.

Look at these bits of the Biden image.

He's not even wearing a shoe on his right foot.

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Someone posted this photo earlier, so I downloaded a high-resolution version of it.

As I thought, it's fake.

And a BAD fake too.

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